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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ravyn & Rahn 35 point Scyrah lists


So continuing with some Scyrah tinkerings and trying to wrap my head around another faction ^^. We'll start with Ravyn (yes that's not Ravyn pictured).

Ravyn (+6)
 - Discordia (10)
Max MHSF + UA (10)
Max Halberds + UA (9)
Max Invictors + UA (12)
Arcanist (1)

I'm not sure if this is too much infantry. MHSF + Ravyn seems like a pretty stock standard and easy to understand pairing - early feat + snipe and the MHSF can threaten any pushed up casters (particularly low ARM) with 20" threat ranges or they can clear out support/solos/etc. Discordia can help out with ranged defenses and has an excellent spray (particularly under feat) and is no slouch in combat (particularly with Arcanist support). The lack of reach is disappointing but Locomotion can always help that out and get the spray into a great location.

And that's all I think I'm really sure on here =D. Halbs are obviously an excellent unit to run up and jam the opponent, particularly with Discordia in tow (ARM20 against shooting, reach infantry pls) but not sure on their fit with Ravyn (though Veil of Mists can make sure their initial push up the field isn't hindered by terrain). Invictors obviously work well with Ravyn's feat whilst not being one-dimensional and can again be ARM 19 against ranged attacks when around Discordia.

Anyway, not sure if both of these units or necessary or if I could get away with making one of them Min sized and grabbing some extra pieces such as a light 'Jack like a Griffon (excellent threat range with Locomotion and can help both Halbs & Invictors) or more ranged firepower (drop Arcanist and add Stormfalls?). Dropping a whole unit also opens up space for two heavies or a complete unit swap + solos, etc. Would love feedback in this regard obviously.

Rahn (+6)
 - Phoenix (10)
Full Sentinels + UA (11) + Soulless Escort (1)
Battle Mages (5)
Stormfall Archers (5)
Magister (2)
Magister (2)
Mage Hunter Assassin (2)
Mage Hunter Assassin (2)
Arcanist (1)

I'm not the biggest Sentinel fan but with their excellent capacity to hand out damage in combat thanks to weaponmaster. With the ability for Rahn + Mittens & Co to influence the positioning of units on the board and open charge lanes...well I think they're a good inclusion but if there's something better, happy to take them out! Soulless Escort adds some magic defenses to the unit to ensure it gets where it needs to. Mage Hunter Assassins are an extension of this - create paths, kill things.

Otherwise Mittens + Rahn + Phoenix + Magisters should make sense. Phoenix gives Rahn and excellent and durable arc node which is has a nice array of abilities itself. Arcanist obviously gives the Phoenix support. Mittens + Magisters benefit nicely from Rahn's feat and as above, provide a nice amount of positioning control against the opponent's army. Not sure if two Magisters is too much magic though - too uni-dimensional and all that.

Stormfalls are a unit I like and with the KD options. On feat turn, they can really do some damage and add some needed ranged options to this army I think. I could trim the Stormfalls for another Battle Mage unit but feel that's too much magic even within the Steamroller format. I could also drop the Stormfalls and one of the Solos for a 2nd 'Jack though points would be tight if I wasn't looking at the Sphnix (which at 7 points is a nice cheap heavy with some nice bonuses for the Battle Mages & Magisters) but the Sphinx doesn't offer up much more than that and would most likely need to drop Soulless Escort for another Arcanist to relieve focus burden from Rahn.

And speaking of focus burden and as Awer mentioned in the Ossy post comments section - Sylys would be a good investment for Rahn to help him keep as much focus as possible and allow him to throw out two spells a turn through the Arc Node whilst keeping two upkeeps. Thinking about that, dropping a MHA or Magister for Sylys would make sense - which one is the better drop though?

Anyway, thoughts and feedback on this as well would be appreciated :). I think I'm liking the Rahn list (with Sylys) the most though a deeper understanding of match-ups would be required before I knew what to pair him with. Of course, nearly everything used in his army isn't really seen elsewhere in my lists so far! I'd also like to fiddle around with some Kaelyessa lists though I'd call her secondary to Ravyn/Rahn/Ossayn. More fiddling on Vassal time =D!

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