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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Email in: Vulkan

"Hi Kirby,

I have been a long time reader of your blog (for as long as I started
playing 40k). Although this clocks in under 6 month, I have found a
tremendous amount of tactical advices that help me improve my game.
Thank you.

However, I am struggling in my Vulkan list against almost any decent
list out there. I have never won a game against any of the following

- Dual Storm raven Mephiston + Termies w/ LasPlas backs.
- Fire Dragon w/ Wave Serpent Spam
- Wolf LasPlas spam + Long Fang spam
- Parking lot IG w/ lots of Lascannon

I would love to have some of your advice on my Vulkan 2000 list on
what I should do to maximize its effectiveness (perhaps reserve more
of my speeders and come in gun-blazing?)

Librarian - Null Zone - Avenger
Dreadnought - MM - DCCW
Land Raider Redeemer w/ MM

Tactical Squad - 10 man - MM - Meltagun - Combi-melta - Rhino
Tactical Squad - 10 man - MM - Meltagun - Combi-melta - Rhino

Land Speeder - MM + HF
2x Land Speeder - Typhoon + HB
2x Land Speeder - Typhoon + HB

Predator - Auto / HB
Predator - Auto / HB

(this is only 1985 pts so I usually take some dozer blade here and there)

I find myself unable to pop transports (e.g. Stormraven, Wave Serpent,
LasPlas backs) fast enough in order to cause some damage. I always end
up getting run down by close combat specialist. My vehicles are easy
preys to mass melta or mass lascannon which I don't have any come back

Thanks Kirby,
Dat Chu"

Vulkan lists are generally short ranged and you have two options - maximise the short ranged prowess of the army and synergy with vulkan or weaken that synergy for some ranged pewpew. The latter is generally a fine option with Predators or Typhoons as they are cheap but otherwise you want as much stuff moving forward with melta - preferrably fast melta.

With that in mind I'd drop the Typhoons and TFC - you can keep the Preds for some fire support and perhaps grab a cheap Scout squad for backfield objective grabbing (or combat squad a tactical squad) and run more Attack Bikes w/MM or Land Speeders w/MM+HF. The fast MM is what is really needed for Vulkan armies as it has a threat range of 36" - armies will have a much harder time running away from you.

I also wouldn't be taking the Redeemer + TH/SS - it's a single rock and easy to stop even though Vulkan makes them better. They shouldn't be losing to combat units either unless you're throwing them against everything. If you're already sinking the extra points into the Libby - drop the Redeemer for more TH/SS and take Gate and use that as their mobility option. I'd rather see MM Dreads in your Elite slots though as it will stop your army from being a single rock. If you do this you don't need the Libby either.

Use the extra points for more Tacticals - 5x in LasPlas w/combi-meltas gets you some more ranged firepower and scoring and a place for Vulkan to ride around with.

The important thing is to remember Vulkan lists are at a disadvantage beyond 24-36" range and you need to maximise your ability to damage your opponent once you get within that range. The best bet here is fast MMs - no one likes fast, twin-linked MMs.

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