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Friday, April 27, 2012

40k Diorama Showcase

Hey everyone, it's the Steam-Powered Gamer here to bring you... wait... Warhammer 40k pictures?!  That's right.  I know that I've been writing some Warmachine/Hordes articles for all of you here at 3++, but I'm no stranger to 40k either, I just much prefer playing Warmahordes these days.  One of my best friends who lives in Savannah Georgia really loves 40k (and in fact got me into the game) and this spring had to create a senior art project to conclude his college degree.  With some gentle encouragement from yours-truly, I convinced him that he should use this project as an excuse to showcase his painting and modeling skills.  At first he wasn't convinced that it could be a "legitimate" project, but eventually decided to go for it and his classmates and professor ended up being thrilled and curious about the project!

He's asked me to share this project with the greater wargaming community, and while I've already shared it on my blog, I decided that the 3++ crowd would appreciate the craftsmanship and love that has been invested in this great project of his.  He's a great painter and modeller and, as you will see, loves Chaos - specifically the forces of Tzeentch and the Lost and the Damned!  He also wanted a good excuse to paint up seven Ultramarines 1st Company Dreadnaughts, some Grey Knights, and include his Thousand Sons and Tzeentchian Daemons.  The best part?  He can create legal lists for everything he painted up, so even though the diorama is no longer set-up in the art gallery, at the end of the project he could still use the models that he invested so much time to create.

Without further ado, here are my favorite shots:

He named the Dreadnaughts after his friends.
This guy is ME!  Bring it!

His other friend ended up as a casualty... a future Dreadnaught

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