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Sunday, July 15, 2012

3++ Merchandise - Take 2

With NOVA fast approaching I've been asked a bit about 3++ t-shirts - pink is the new black after all...? Which goes back to the concept of 3++ merchandise - we did the dice last year which were hugely successful (around 1800 dice total) so we might look into that again!

So here are the questions - we're mainly looking at t-shirts and doing the dice again so some questions to be answered.

Dice -
  1. Same as before with the custom logo in place of the 1? or try to get the dice with 3++ in place of the 3 pip?
  2. Colors? Keep them to the pink/black combinations or branch out?
  3. If interested you need to let me know in comments that you are and how you'd want roughly as we need X numbers before I will place an order.
T-shirts -
  1. Where to get these from? We don't want super brosif $100 tees obviously but we don't want something falling apart at a touch and where the smalls are basically a marquee tent. Hit me up with ideas.
  2. What to have on them? 3++  is the new black obviously and we're going to do some slogans (i.e. It's Cinematic) but just the text front/back? Or dice logo as well? What other slogans would one want? And font ideas?
  3. Color combos - black w/pink text, etc.?
Hit us up quickly so we can try and get orders sorted for NOVA in August (and FoB main event after) if there's enough interest.

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