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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Back-to-Basics: 6th edition 40k Acronyms

Okay guys, we've updated the Acronym page with everything you've given us and some more we could come up whilst editing the post. Here's all the listed ones currently so let's see if we cannot fill it out a bit more for all the new guys coming through.

General Rule Acronyms

#+ - model's save value
#++ - model's invulnerable save value
ATSKNF - And They Shall Know No Fear
AV - Armor Value
B2B/BTB - Base to base (contact)
BRB/BYB - Big Rule/Yellow Book
Dakka/Torrent - lots of shots
FC - Furious Charge
FNP - Feel No Pain
FMC - Flying Monstrous Creature
GEQ - Guardsmen Equivalent (i.e. T3/5+)
HP - Hull Points
ID - Instant Death
IWND - It Will Not Die
LoS - Line of Sight
LoS! - Look out Sir!
MC - Monstrous Creature
Mech - Vehicles
MEQ - Marine Equivalent statline (i.e. T4/3+)
MSU - Multiple Small Units
RCL - Random Charge Length
RGL - Random Game Length
TL - Twin-linked
TLoS - True Line of Sight
WAAC - Win At All Cost
WYISWYG - What You See Is What You Get

General Acronyms

AC - Autocannon (or Assault Cannons)
Assback - Razorback with Assault Cannons
Asscan - Assault Cannons
Bolterback - Razorback with Heavy Bolters
CML - Cyclone Missile Launcher 
DP, DPod or Pod - Drop Pod 
Flamerback - Razorback with twin heavy flamers 
HB - Heavy Bolter
Lasback - Razorback with Lascannon
LasPlas - Razorback with Lascannon, twin-linked plasma guns OR squad with lascannon and plasmagun
LC - Lightning Claw (commonly written as LClaw)
LC/Las - Lascannon
LR or Godhammer or Land Raider Phobos - Land Raider 
LRC - Land Raider Crusader 
LRR - Land Raider Redeemer 
melta/mgun - meltagun
ML - Missile Launcher
MM - Multimelta
PA - Power Armor
PF - Power Fist
Plasmaback - Razorback with Lascannon, twin-linked plasma guns
plasma/pgun - plasma gun
PW - Power Weapon
RBack - Razorback
SS - Stormshield
TDA - Tactical Dreadnought Armor aka Terminator Armor
TH - Thunder Hammer

Specific Army Acronyms

(BT) Black Templars -

EC - Emperor's Champion
PotMS - Power of the Machine Spirit

(BA) Blood Angels -

AB - Attack Bike
ASM - Assault Space Marine or Assault Squad Marine  
ACLC/Autolas Pred - Predator with autocannon and lascannon sponsons 
BP or Baal - Baal Predator 
Dakka Baal - Baal Predator with twin assault cannons and heavy bolter sponsons 
Dakka Pred - Predator with autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons 
DC - Death Company 
DC Dread or DCD - Death Company Dreadnought 
Devs - Devastators 
GE - Glaive Encarmine 
Flame Baal - Baal with Flamestorm cannon 
Hammernators or TH/SS - Assault Terminators with thunder hammers and storm shields 
IP or Infernus - Infernus Pistol 
JP - Jump Pack 
LS or Speeder – Land Speeder 
Mephy - Mephiston 
MMAB – Attack Bike with Multimelta 
PP - Plasma Pistol 
RAS - Regular Assault Squad (not as commonly used anymore) 
SG - Sanguinary Guard or Sternguard
SP or Priest - Sanguinary Priest 
SR or Raven – Storm Raven 
Tac Squad or Tacticals – Tactical Squad 
Vindi - Vindicator 
VV - Vanguard Vets 
WW or Whirly - Whirlwind 

Chaos Daemons -

Fatecrusher - Build relying on fateweaver and a bunch of bloodcrushers
MoS - Master of Sorcery 
WaL - We are Legion
BoT or Bolt - Bolt of Tzeentch
DP - Daemon Prince 
SG - Soul Grinder 
oT, oK, oN, oS, oC - of Tzeentch, of Khorne, of Nurgle, of Slaanesh and of Chaos respectively 
Flying Circus army based upon lots of Flying Monstrous Creatures

(CSM) Chaos Space Marines - 

DP - Daemon Prince
MoCU  - Mark of Chaos Undivided
MoK - Mark of Khorne
MoN - Mark of Nurgle
MoS - Mark of Slaanesh
MoT - Mark of Tzeentch

(DA) Dark Angels -

DW - Deathwing
RW - Ravenwing

(DE) Dark Eldar -

DL - Dark Lance
FF - Flickerfields
PGL - Phantasm Grenade Launcher
NS - Night Shields

Eldar -

BL - Bright Lance
DA or Avengers - Dire Avengers
DAVU - Dire Avengers Vehicle Upgrade
DR or Reapers - Dark Reapers
EML - Eldar Missile Launcher
Falc - Falcon Grav Tank
FD or Dragons - Fire Dragons
Footdar - Eldar army based on foot
GJB - Guardian Jet Bike
HB or Shees - Howling Banshees
Jetcouncil - Seer Council on Bikes
Jetseer - Farseer on a Jetbike
Mechdar - Eldar army based on vehicles
PL - Phoenix Lord
Prism - Fire Prism
SC - Shuriken Cannon
Seer Council - squad of Warlocks often led by Farseer
SL - Scatter Lasers
Spears - Shining Spears
Spiders - Warp Spiders
SS or Scorps - Striking Scorpions
SW or Hawks - Swooping Hawks
underslung/chin cannon - upgraded Shuriken Cannon on vehicles
WL - Wraithlord
WS or Serpent - Wave Serpent
WW - War Walkers

(GK) Grey Knights -

DH - Nemesis Daemon Hammer
Halb - Nemesis Halberd
Stave - Nemesis Warding Stave
Psyback - Razorback with psybolts and a twin-linked heavy bolter  
Passback - Razorback with twin-linked assault cannons and Psybolts 
Psyfledread - Dread w/two twin-linked autocannons and Psybolts 
GKGM - Grey Knight Grand Master 
GKSS - Grey Knight Strike Squad 
GKT - Grey Knight Terminators 
PAGK - Power Armoured Grey Knight  
Psybolt - Psybolt Ammunition

(IG) Imperial Guard -

BiD - Bring it Down
CCS - Company Command Squad 
PCS - Platoon Command Squad 
MBT - Russ main battle tank (standard variant) 
HWT - Heavy Weapon Team 
SWS - Special Weapon Squad
Chim - Chimera
Detta - Vendetta
Flashlight - Lasgun
FOMT - Fire on my Target
FRFSRF - First Rank, Fire! Second Rank, Fire!
GBITF - Get Back in the Fight
Manti - Manticore
RR - Rough Riders 
ST - Storm Troopers
Vets - Veteran Squad

Necrons -

CCB - Catacomb Cmmand Barge. 
RP - Reanimation Protocols (may still get called WWB, or We'll Be Back, the similar rule from the last codex that was more fun to say). 
somethingTEK - Any of the various Harbringer upgrades to a Cryptek. Cryptek with Harbinger of the Storm shortens to Stormtek, Cryptek with Harbinger of Destruction becomes Lancetek (named after its weapon, the Eldritch Lance), etc. 
RO or Orb - Resurrection Orb. 
PS - Phase Shifter (3++ save) 
SW or Semp Weave - Sempiternal Weave (2+ save) 
ES - Entropic Strike 
WS - Warscythe. 
PS/DS - Phase Sword and Dispersion Shield combination for Lychguard. 
EL - Ever-living 
MSS - Mindshackle scarabs  

Orks -

KFF - Kustom Force Field
PK - Power Klaw

(SoB) Sisters of Battle -

(SM) Space Marines -

TH/SS - Thunderhammer/Stormshield Terminators
Rifleman - Dreadnought with 2x twin-linked autocannons

(SW) Space Wolves -

CotS - Chooser of the Slain
RP - Rune Priest
TW/C - Thunderwolf Cavalry
WL - Wolf Lord 
Thunderlord - Wolf Lord mounted on a Thunderwolf
WG - Wolf Guard 
WGPL - Wolf Guard Pack Leader 
WGBL - Wolf Guard Battle Leader 
LF - Long Fangs 
GH - Grey Hunters 
BC - Blood Claws 
WP - Wolf Priest 
JoWW - Jaws of the world wolf, some times just called jaws. 
LL - Living Lightening 
MH - Murderouse Huricane 
Loganwing - Army built around a solid base of WG and Logan Grimnar. The latter enabling WG to be taken as troops.  

Tyranids -

BS -Bonesword
SC - Syanpse Creature
HG - Hive Guard
SitW - Shadow in the Warp
TS - Toxin Sacs
AG - Adrenal Glands
Dev - Devourer
HT - Hive Tyrant
Devilgaunt - Termagants with Devourers
IB - Instinctive Behaviour
VC - Venom Cannon
HVC - Heavy Venom Cannon
CS - Cluster Spines
LW - Lash Whip 
Terv - Tervigon
Tfex - Tyrannofex

Tau -

ASS - Advanced Stabilisation System 
BSF - Blacksun Filter
BC - Burst Cannon 
BK - Bonding Knife 
DC - Drone Controller 
F - Flamer 
FB - Fusion Blaster
GD - Gun Drone 
HW - Hard Wired 
IA - Iridium Armour 
MD - Marker Drone 
ML - Markerlight
MP - Missile Pod  
MT - Multi Tracker 
PR - Plasma Rifle 
PR - Positional Relay 
TA - Targetting Array 
TL - Target Lock, also Team Leader, these must be figured out contextually 
SD - Shield Drone 
SG - Shield Generator 
Stimms - Stimm Injectors 

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