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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Back from ATC & results

Just got in from ATC! NOVA is in full swing I see... anyway. 5th edition is finally out of the way so here's how it unfolded...

1st - New Zealand (boo hiss)
2nd - New South Wales (go team)
3rd - Victoria (go Crynn's team)
4th - Western Australia (go Matt's team)
5th - Queensland
6th - South Australia
7th - Australian Capital Territory
8th - Tasmania

NZ thumped the competition with their only loss coming final round (when they had already won) against Western Australia and looked to get tough match-ups to...test their skills? I.e. gloat. Bloody kiwis! 3rd/4th were once again seperated by a single Battle Point and last year's top two teams slipped to 5th/6th, so some good competition overall.

Time was an issue across the board for all teams - Turn 5 was being rushed for most games as the match-up process took too long (not enough alloted time). Most games were being played in under two hours and this led to some issues here and there for many teams. Need to work on that as a community for next time (and the answer is not the insane three hours the ETC allows). Terrain was fairly decent across the board as well which was nice and it was a good atmosphere with the chance to meet up with people I don't run into regularly around the local scene. And I got to plug 3++con :P.

Team-wise was a lot better as we actually had some pre-tournament work done on match-ups and were able to minimise the number of crappy games we had. Less group think! This shows with the improved result so good job team NSW! We ended up three wins (QLD, ACT, TAS), two draws (SA, WA) and one loss (NZ).

Anyway, individually didn't drop a game again though had two draws. First game against Dark Eldar (SA) didn't get a Turn 5 and my opponent only had two Venoms + Ravager left versus most of my army. Might not have killed them obviously but would have liked Turn 5 at least... Either way, team got a win which was the important bit. Then win against Necrons (QLD). Win against Dark Eldar again (NZ). The other controversial draw against Tyranids (WA) where the TO said you do not measure 3" up from the objective despite my opponent and I having played that the entire game. This did change the result from a Team Win to Team Draw but it didn't affect the final standings so again, no biggie. Final two games were wins against Dark Eldar (TAS) and Space Wolves (ACT).

I'll put up more detailed analysis of the games later but I didn't do battle reports sorry. Old edition at this point and most games were being pressed for time where those couple minutes for photos made a difference.

All up - great fun again and nice to do something different with a team focus.

And yes. Well done Kiwis.

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