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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

NOVA Attendees - How'd you find the missions?

So with 6th being new and all and the BYB missions generally not the best for tournament play without some changes, how did the NOVA attendees find the missions? What were the good parts and the bad parts and how did they feel different from 5th edition missions? Did they take the 6th ed constructs and make them relevant within the missions?

Hit us with some opinions and feedback as I'm sure the NOVA guys would like to know and it would help us here with our mission designing for tournaments like Feast of Blades and 3++con (the important one, yo!).

The more information you can give us - the better, so don't hold back. Talk about deployments (Vanguard & modified Hammer & Anvil in particularly please), the tiers in 6th, the 6th secondaries as Victory Point extras, Relic, etc.

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