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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Email in: Rhino based BA list

Could you please post the best rhino-based BA list you think is
possible? Thanks :)

I playtested a list yesterday using assault squads with meltaguns and
powerfists in rhinos supported by deepstriking sanguinary guard with
sanguinary priests. The game was killpoints, against tyranids, 2000

I managed to get the deepstrikers in on the second turn and
support/cover them with the charging rhinos, giving my entire army
that sweet blood chalice action, and thus won the game - but I think a
list based around honor guard or some other way of delivering the
priests would be stronger.

The core is definitely rhino-delivered assault marines that have 2
meltaguns and a sang priest nearby, though.

If you want, I can email you what I come up with using my own models.
I would like to see what you come up with with no real restrictions -
just the strongest army possible based around this core.

As for my models, I own 11 rhinos, 3 ac/hb preds, like 8 dreads of
various sorts - and no razorbacks.(I make a habit of buying used
models on the cheap.) Just never got the urge to spend the $250
necessary to jump on the las\plas razorback bandwagon.

This is from Mat btw. Well let’s see what we can do, shall we? With a Rhino based list we want to get in your face quickly. This means taking advantage of the 18” so Dreads are prob out but Preds are in for support. We’re going to have to have some Razorbacks to run the Priests which is where I think problems will begin to get annoying or perhaps Raiders but Mat has neither of these so let’s see what we can do.

Only ASM squads can have multiple melta weapons under 10 men outside of Sternguard, so ASM x5 w/meltagun and infernus pistol + Rhino will be our base. These cost us 125 a piece and let’s get 2 and then add in 2x Sang Priest. Mat’s got 3x Baal preds so we’ll take them as well dropping us 145 each totalling at 785 with 2 FNP/FC bubbles.

Let’s start dropping in some more meat and grab some tacticals in Rhinos w/meltagun, MM & Rhino for 220 x3 = 440 but these aren’t really taking advantage of the FNP/FC bubbles…back to the beginning I guess. Let’s try Honor Guard...duh Kirby. 115+50+meltaguns and you’ve got your FNP bubble built-in. We’ll take 2x lib and 2x of these to open them up and start off w/2meltaguns each for 570 pts. We‘ve got our FNP bubbles now so let‘s get some max sized ASM to make use of them and we‘ll start with 3. 10xASM w/2xmeltagun, Pfist and Rhino = 235 x3 = 705 and thus 1275 total.

We’ve got our base then with 5 Rhinos but we could still use some heavy hitting. Matt has some Baals but we may want them as fire support though we might prefer AC/LC preds (is Mat up to this J?). The heavy hitters in the BA codex are VV, Sang Guard and Death Company (who can take multiple PWs even though I’m not a fan). Sang Guard can’t take Rhinos so let’s see what we can do remembering we’ve got 5 melta units atm. Let’s add 2 Baal Preds for suppression fire and pop out a VV unit. 3x LCs, glaive sarge, 2x infernous pistols, 2x SS & 2 meltabombs (1 on sarge), Rhino = 260 + the 290 from Baals = 1825 total and not leaving us much to play with. Let’s see if we can double up those VV.

We therefore need to drop the Baals and let’s make them AC/LC Preds (sorry Mat). This saves us 10pts each and we’ll drop the SS’s and an LC from the Vanguard giving us enough room for another VV squad @ 1955.

So atm we’ve got:

2x Lib w/HG w/2x meltagun, Rhino

3x ASM w/2x meltagun, Pfist, Rhino

2x VV w/2x pistol, 2x LC, glaive, Rhino, 2x meltabomb

2x AC/LC Preds

Eh, not really that great I guess. We’ll drop the Preds and add in some saturation. So first a 5x ASM w/Priest, meltagun and pistol + Rhino nets us 175 pts which leaves us with 140 pts. 2 speeders thanks.


HQ -
Librarian w/Blood lance & whatever (shield is nice)

Librarian w/Blood lance & whatever (shield is nice)

Honor Guard w/2x meltagun, Rhino

Honor Guard w/2x meltagun, Rhino

Elites -
Sanguinary Priest

Troops -
5x ASM w/meltagun, infernous pistol, Rhino

10x ASM w/2x meltagun, Pfist, Rhino

10x ASM w/2x meltagun, Pfist, Rhino

10x ASM w/2x meltagun, Pfist, Rhino

Fast Attack -
5x VV w/glaive, 2x LC, 2x mbomb, Rhino

5x VV w/glaive, 2x LC, 2x mbomb, Rhino

Speeder w/MM/HF

Totals: 1990
9 tanks
58 infantry

Again…eh. We can drop those speeders to get another min-sized ASM squad but I think w/o using Razorbacks or Raiders and essentially Rhino spamming… If you want to go hybrid a bit (which I don’t like) or use homers for Vanguard to heroic intervention I think this is your best bet. You’re going to have problems with clumping but you can create 3 FNP armor bubbles (imagine if FNP worked on tanks :P) and you should always be with cover. First turn you zoom up and bang bunch of marines in your face. Use your chasis to make bunkers where guys can hop out and shoot but not be assaulted. Next turn they can assault anything that’s stupid enough to be near and you should be able to make them near with your Rhinos.

Viability? I’d say middle range. I’d much prefer to add in 6x Preds over the Vanguard and Speeders (without crunching numbers I get 2010 pts w/6x Preds, 3x ASM, 2x Liby/HG) so if you’d prefer that Mat. This does however have more of a combat orientation. Let me know and if anyone else has some ideas, please post :P.

Edit: I can't add so a Speeder has to be dropped and its 1990 pts.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the list, Kirby! This is Mat btw. I already own 3 preds, so I am going to work on this list - only using the 6 preds as you suggested. Once I get that list completely together and do some playtesting I will let you know how it goes.

Kirby said...

No problem Mat. I think 6 Preds is better so if you're happy to go with that I'd suggest this list ( If you don't want to run the Razorbacks you can drop the 5x ASM in RBacks to 2x 10 ASM in Rhinos (and drop a HG for a 3rd ASM) and still have points to play with.

Anonymous said...

Mat here - Ran this list, with a few changes, for the 4th time today... and the 4th victory.

I run -
Mephiston 250
Libby w/bloodlance and unleash rage 100
2 honor guard squads with 2 meltaguns, 1 flamer, and a powerfist 215
1 sang priest with inferno pistol 65
3 ASM squads in rhinos with 2 meltaguns and a powerfist 250
3 AC/LC preds 135

Everything zooms up and pops smoke turn 1, and either assaults if the enemy is very close or moves up 12, gets out, and meltabunker shoots turn 2. The AC/LC preds have been absolutely vital for stopping enemy transports, and for helping clean up enemy support and MCs.

Mephiston hides behind the rhinos on the approach, which usually means they can't see him at all until it's too late and he's wrecking enemy MCs and squads by himself. I see you guys seldom take him but he's been so incredibly useful - especially because I ALWAYS keep a rhino around to screen him from fire. He usually gets about 500-750 points of kills each game. I haven't faced a list with psychic defense yet, though - I suspect that would be the paper to his rock.

I think next game, however, I'm going to try upgrading the sang priest to brother corbulo and dropping one of the 10man ASM squads to 5.

Means corbulo gets a better ride, and I have a much better chance of going first due to his special ability, which REALLY helps with a list like this. Almost got shut down by tau going first today and barely pulled it out - when they pop all the rhinos it gets much harder.

I will be experimenting with Baals as I pick them up, though - those flamestorms are mighty tempting.

Kirby said...

Glad you're having success. I'm not a Mephiston fan but he does fit nicely into a pure mech list as he is easy to hide though when your mech starts disappearing or against a list with a lot of rocks, he can die quickly. I wouldn't worry about Corbulo that much, you don't have a huge first turn punch so you just need to be able to weather your opponent's 1st turn punch and going first or 2nd doesn't change that.

Keep us updated!

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