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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Email in: Space wolves 1k & 1.5k

Thought I'd send you these two lists for you to have a look at. Started using the first list today but as you saw my opponent left.

So first up is the 1.5k list that you helped me with.


Wolf Lord - Frost Blade, Storm Shield, Warrior Born, Runic Armour, Wolf Tail Talisman - 215

Rune Priest - Chooser of the Slain - 110

Lone Wolf - Terminator Armour, Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield - 85

Wolf Guard - 124
- Combi-Melta, Power Fist, Meltabombs
- Frost Axe, Meltabombs
- Power Weapon, Meltabombs

Grey Hunters - 185
- 8 Hunters, Meltagun, Wolf Standard, Mark of Wulfen
- Rhino

Grey Hunters - 190
- 9 Hunters, Plasmagun, Wolf Standard
- Rhino

Blood Claws - 240
- 15 Claws, 2 Flamers, Power Weapon

Land Raider Crusader - Multi-Melta - 260

Long Fangs - 90
- Pack Leader, 3 Long Fangs, 3 Missile Launchers

Total: 1499 pts
Tanks: 3
Infantry: 41
Scoring Units: 3

Fairly simple, wolf guard are equipped as they are for fluff standards. PFist WG goes with the first GH squad w/meltaguns, as does the Lord. Frost WG goes with the Plasma GH squad, and third WG w/PW goes with the BCs in the Raider. Rune Priest will join the Fangs and sometimes disconnect to get better views on different targets. Tanks will trundle forward with the Lone Wolf in tow when on the offensive, and will otherwise sit back and wait for the counter charge if on the defensive.

The next list is pretty much the first one cut down a bit.

Rune Priest - 100

Wolf Lord - Frost Blade, Storm Shield, Warrior Born, Runic Armour, Wolf Tooth Necklace - 215

Grey Hunters - 185
- 9 Hunters, Meltagun, Wolf Standard
- Rhino

Blood Claws - 240
- 15 Claws, 2 Flamers, Power Weapon

Land Raider Crusader - Multi-Melta - 260

Total: 1000 pts
Tanks: 2
Infantry: 26
Scoring Units: 2

Two tanks. Rune Priest will sit in the rhino with the Grey Hunters, firing away with his Living Lightning, while the Wolf Lord chills with the Blood Claws on the way to what would most definitely be a very bloody assault. A good amount of anti armour and melta fire would stuff this list up, but if it makes it through, there will be hell to pay.

The Wolf's Lunch

Well as I said before the 1.5k list is okay the problem being the one LRC sticks out and you've only got 3 vehicles all up. If you start versusing lists that put a lot of firepower down T1 or can block you're in for a bit of trouble. As it stands you're all about close combat without much suppression fire. Your 2k variation (which you didn't send) at least has the 2 ML LF squads which allows you to shoot down field somewhat. The same things stand with your 1k list.

I think if you want to make the list more tournament ready at 1500 you need some more firepower. If you want for a more fluffy yet still able to play list what you have is fine though maybe drop the LW for more LFs. Make sure with your BCs you multi-charge otherwise all those A are wasted :P.

3 pinkments:

The Wolf's Lunch said...

The 2k list was made after I sent the email. Might swap out the Lone Wolf as I don't actually have the model for one. The 12 Krak Missile being churned out by the 2k list can be quite nasty from what I've read (guy on another blog runs two squads at 1.5). Thanks.

Kirby said...

Another email from Wolf:
Was just wondering if you could make a competitive Space Wolves Mech list using both a Rune Priest and Wolf Lord. Preferrably with the wolf lord equipped as such:
Wolf Lord - Frost Blade, Storm Shield, Warrior Born, Runic Armour - 210
Could also throw in a Wolf Tooth Necklace if need be. Thanks.

Let's see what anyone else can come up with before I look at this tomorrow :P.

Rathstar said...

The lord & blood claws in the landraider seem too much "eggs in one basket". Reading the 1500 list I thought you'd just lose the bloodclaws and landraider to get down to 1000 pts. Keeping the bloodclaws and the landraider makes the 1000 pt list very small.

In the 1500 pt list how about a chaplain rather than a wolf lord, you lose a bit of hitting of power from the character but the bloodclaws do 50% more damage.

In 1000 pts I'd consider losing one of the characters, at the moment the 2 characters are nearly a third of your points. At 1000 pts the list is very rock/paper/scissors, you'll murder some armies (ie. the rare ones that can't deal with 1 landraider and have little mobility), but will have no chance against others (which I'm afaid will probably be in the majority).


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