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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

PM in: BA assistance

Hello Kirby,

I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction on what to spend the remaining points on in my 2k list, here is the current setup.

Libby, JP - 125
Honor Guard - JP's, 2x Powerweps, 1xInfpistol 210

Rhino ASM - 2xmelta, 1xPWep 240
ASMS - 2xmelta 1xPWep 225
ASMS - 2xmelta 1xPFist 235

Baal - TLAC, HB - 145
Baal - TLAC, HB - 145

Pred - ACLC 135
Pred - ACLC 135

SangPriest, JP - 75

This leaves me with a cool 330points to spend, there are so many options left im not too sure what is the best route. Your blog has provided good insight but im still not sure what to shoe horn into the last batch.

(+ im not sure if the Jumpers should be reduced to 5men in Razor backs )

Thanks, OSH.

This was a PM in from Warseer. I replied (didn’t really like my reply actually :P) and I’m just going to post here as well. Well the obvious additions here (for some odd reason my reply tried to make it Rhino based and I think I got the Rhino email confused with this) are 2 more Preds. 250 pts. Then those 2 PWeapons need to become a PFist and we need to fiddle with that squad size. 10 pts Change the PWeapons on HG to LCs and give them 2x meltaguns. 20 pts. Drop the Infpistol too. -15 pts Let’s drop that Rhino ASM squad to 8, upgrade the PWeapon to a PFist, add a infpistol and add a Sanguinary Priest.

HQ -
Libarian w/Jump Pack, Blood Lance & whatever (shield would be nice again)

Honor Guard w/Jump Packs, 3x meltaguns, 3x LC

Elites -
Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack

Sanguinary Priest

Troops -
10x ASM w/2x meltagun, Pfist

10x ASM w/2x meltagun, Pfist

8x ASM w/meltagun, Pfist, infernous pistol, Rhino

Fast Attack -
Baal w/HB sponsons

Baal w/HB sponsons

Baal w/HB sponsons

Heavy Support -
Predator w/LC sponsons

Predator w/LC sponsons

Predator w/LC sponsons

Totals: 1994
Infantry: 36
Tanks: 7

So thoughts on that OSH and others?

2 pinkments:

Dethtron said...

This is really close to an idea that I posted in Stelek's Termie/JP foot list that I got shut down hard on. Still not convinced that this wouldn't work, though. Anybody out there playtest something like this yet? I'm hoping to get in a little testing myself this week, so I'll let you know how that goes...

Kirby said...

I think it's sub-par compared to the min-sized ASM 6x Pred lisst I posted because the Baals end up screening the JP or they deepstrike. It can work but there are easier fissures for an opponent to pry open with a mixed list compared to pure mech or pure jumper (or BLOOD RODEO).

Haven't paid much attention to YTTH lately will go find your post :P.

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