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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Email in: Army list? [Dark Angels/Space Marines]

"i feel a hot wind on my shoulder
and the touch of a codex that is older
i open cases and check the number
i leave it open when in bed i slumber
i hear the rhythms of the engines
i buy the product and never use it
i hear the talking of the gamers
can't understand, just what do they say?

I wanna ravenwing Rodeo,

i dial it in and tune the melta's
they talk about the wings and feathers
i understand just a little
no comprende - it's from 4th edition

I wanna ravenwing Rodeo,

i wish i was bigger whiner
Get a codex thats much finer
i take losses on the chin
i'm on a wavelength far from win
i feel a hot wind on my shoulder
it's gamer breath from the laughter
i hear the talking of the gamers
can't understand, just what do they say?
i wanna deathwing Rodeo

what do Kirby say?

Hehe, heya kirby. One of Dethrons nerd-cave crew here. Got the idea for a deathwing rodeo from one of the comments on Dick Move(I think it was there, not 100% sure). I'm sure it will suck, but I got most of the models if not all needed. Can ya help a poor sufferer of Jervisrules out?

Pick whichever point-set you like, Usual games were 1750, but no idea about the new location(Moving 400 miles from your gaming group FTL) so up to 2000 would be fine.


First I lol'd at the poem thing ^^. In regards to your question though, what you're asking for is what is called Doublewing and generally...well sucks I'm afraid. If you were looking for something with lots of scoring bikes and Terminators, a Fast'N'Slow variation from Vanilla Marines is a much better codex. It also plays differently from the Blood Rodeo I'm afraid but Termies and Bikes! woot. So if this was something you're interested in I can put together a list for 1750 and 2000 if you'd like.

4 pinkments:

DFM said...

actually, it's a pretty sad parody of "Mexican radio" by Wall of Voodoo.

Not really looking for a Doublewing army, been there and done that a few times. Sometimes it's nice to not have to unpack more than 25 models for a game.

Looking for how you would build a fast n slow or rodeo list for the DA. I know it's gonna be sub-par, but if it's a little more fun I might be able to stop pulling a dethron and dipping them into simple green left and right...

Chumbalaya said...

DA Assault Marines are even more expensive than the SM version and have nothing going for them (better Chaplains maybe, but then no psychic defense).

Ravenwing are saddled with Fearless, so fail.

Kirby said...

You can do a Fast'N'Slow or Pure bike variation with Dark Angels but neither are as good as the Vanilla versions IMO due to increased cost, no command squads, Fearless, no combat tactics, worse fire support, etc.

The DA version would have Sammael or w/e his name is, more (and smaller) Bike squads and less support like TLAC Dreads, Dakka Preds (Typhoons suck so maybe not them but for, etc. I'd really just recommend using the Vanilla codex but using your Ravenwing models until DA are updated or min-maxing with a ton of Ravenwing bike squads (i.e. x9) though these lists have problems with infantry I feel.

GWvsJohn said...

Siegewing, ie Deathwing + Vindicators is a decent list with lots of scoring terminators.

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