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Friday, July 30, 2010

Email in: blood angel list thoughts [2000]

"I saw found blog through some posts at dakka and enjoyed it. Seems to have some good thoughts in it.

I was working on a blood angel list and was curious about your comments.


Furioso librarian, pod, lance, might
Furioso librarian, pod, lance, might

Sanquanary priest, jump pack, power weapon
Sanquanary priest, jump pack, power weapon

10 assault marines, fist, 2x melta
10 assault marines, fist, 2x melta
10 assault marines, fist, 2x melta

Vindicator, dozer blades
Vindicator, dozer blades
6 devastator marines, pod, 3x missiles

It works very similar to your jumppers list but replace the vanguard ability to tie things up with the dreads/mephiston. This means the vindicators are necessary to screen mephiston and to draw some fire off the dreads.

The idea is that if i go second the vidis deploy in cover with the devastators hiding mephiston. The dreads come in turn 1 and the enemy is left with only AV 13 to deal with for a turn while I try to pop vehicles.
Turn 2 the assault marines start dropping and mepiston and the dreads try to tie up anything that could shoot the marines dead.

If I get first turn the army will do the same thing or deploy on the table and bum rush forward depending on the quantity and quality of their anti-infantry
Any thoughts?

Hey Todd, glad you like the site and found it through dakka no less! First problem with this list I'm afraid is the Pods and Vindies. Vindies are a bad idea in any type of list that likes to get in your face which BA generally are. That S10 5" blast will sooner or later scatter onto you and it's better not to run the risk. The problem with these guys is double fold as you want your Jumper Marines to DS in which leaves the Vindies on the table early to get shot or relying on a 4+ to come in from reserve. Same deal with the Pods in coming in early. Unlike with a Blood Hammer list where VV are replaced with 20-30 Devs, 6 Devs w/o a Priest aren't too hard to get rid of and any Dreads that drop will be in melta range. Mephiston will also have trouble getting into combat if he's hiding with the Devs.

So if you want to not use VV but want to use a Jumper based list I'd go with Blood Hammer and replace the VV with Devs. It's going to be hard to fit the Dreads into a list like this because they can only DS through Pods so if you really want those I'd consider a mech list where they can run/fly behind and support the mechanised aspect in combat.

3 pinkments:

SandWyrm said...

Mephiston doesn't need shielding. Just put him in cover and let him go to ground. He'll soak up all the enemy's long-range fire until the rest of your troops come on. Then he can fly, run, and assault for a total threat range of 24".

If he kills something, great! But he's more useful for taking the pressure off of the rest of your force.

Chumbalaya said...

Yep, having all your elements arrive at different times is a recipe for problems. Dreads come in first, get waxed, then jumpers then Mephy. You want everything to be scary every turn, not just 1 at a time.

If you like the Vindies, I'd go for a more mechanized build. You give up Preds and Dreads, but with Typhoons and either las/plas or TLAC Razors you can compensate.

If you want jumpers, go whole hog and pick up VV, HG and maybe some SG. Blood Hammer is also an option.

Kirby said...

& Nipple Hammer :p.

@SandWyrm; Against some armies that's fine but against IG/Eldar/DE/SM/SW/Tyranids/tau/etc who can put out the long ranged firepower to drop him? Meph works a lot better where he can hide behind mech and jump out and crush one squad whilst your ASM poke others.

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