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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Email in: Eldar list critique for Nova Open

"Whats up Kirby?

I'm trying to iron out my list for the Nova Open. I was originally thinking of running my regular tournament list ( Council on bikes, 3 Dragon Serpents, and 3 dakka davu falcons with holo fields) to the GT however some of my recent experiences have been disheartening. Having first turn for fortune is very important so they aren't blasted off the table, while reserving them just makes me sad. FNP marines tar pitting my warlocks can be really annoying.espeacially since everyone and there momma plays blood angels now. Psyker denfense is really popular as well and you know what that means. blah blah blah. So I was thinking of running a variant of stelek's vyper spam list. Farseers are just too good to not take.. I have 19 points to spare which might be scoring me some gear on the Autarch. I was debating on dropping the exarchs to get bright lance on the serpents. I'm capable of just runing stelek's original vyper list (I have 3 unbuilt vypers) but I feel the list needs the psyker defense. So here it is Kirbs tear it apart. Thanks!


HQ: Autarch (1#, 80 pts)
1 Autarch @ 80 pts (Fusion Gun)

HQ: Farseer (1#, 95 pts)
1 Farseer @ 95 pts ( Doom ; Runes of Warding)

Elite: Fire Dragons (6#, 227 pts) (X3)
4 Fire Dragons @ 227 pts
1 Fire Dragon Exarch ( Crack Shot ; Dragon's Breath Flamer)
1 Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannon; TL Missile Launchers)

Troops: Dire Avengers (5#, 60 pts) (X3)
5 Dire Avengers @ 60 pts

Heavy Support: Falcon (1#, 175 pts) (X3)
1 Falcon @ 175 pts (Holo-Field; Scatter Laser; Shuriken Cannon)

Fast Attack: Vyper Squadron (2#, 140 pts) (X3)
1 Vyper Squadron @ 140 pts
1 Vyper (Scatter Laser; Shuriken Cannon)
1 Vyper (Scatter Laser; Shuriken Cannon)

Total Roster Cost: 1981"

Solid list obviously but I'd prefer to have BLs on the Serpents rather than EMLs, just gives you that extra bit of pewpew on AV13/14 across the board which you need. I'd personally drop the Exarch & DBF flamers from the Dragons to pay for this increase here. If you have the points leftover after this (or don't do it) add in RoWit for the Seer as well for when play against other Seers/Tyranids it will help and Doom is of great assistance to any Eldar army. As I've said before when reviewing lists like this, need to be very careful and good at working your 24" bubble so get some practice in!

14 pinkments:

Chumbalaya said...

Agree with Kirby re: lances. Having all your anti-Raider in Dragons, potent as they are, can backfire.

Meister_Kai said...

I agree with the above regarding BL's, but it also has much to do with how you handle going second. If you reserve everything you need to make sure you use your Vypers to grant cover saves for your FD Serpents, because like others have said those will be the first things targeted vs anyone with Land Raiders.

I always wondered about Farseer with Autarch, but I wasn't sure how it would work.

But yeah, I would rather just have 5 Fire Dragons personally over the Exarch. I have no experience with the DBF, but it seems to me that if your FD are caught out in the open after destroying a tank or nuking a monstrous creature, well, they've already done their duty and one extra flamer won't do much anyhow. Besides, I doubt you'll see many people there with 0 natural FD targets.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure... any list with more than one raider will struggle to put down 3 serpents full of dragons and if he does... the lances go too. Why not put them on the Falcons and spread the heavy anti-tank?

Kirby said...

Falcons then lose their excellent torrent status & are much less reliable than the twin-linked ones on Serpents. Whilst having your BLs/Dragons together sucks in terms of anti-tank clumped up, it's the best option for this type of list. You really need those BLs in an Eldar list just to cover your bases.

islyfe said...

Thanks for the replies guys. BTW here is the other list I am debating on bringing. If you want to compare and contrast these 2 lists. I having trouble deciding which one one would be more competitive.

HQ: Farseer (1#, 185 pts)
1 Farseer @ 185 pts ( Doom ; Fortune ; Runes of Warding; Runes of Witnessing; Spirit Stones; Eldar Jetbike)

HQ: Warlock Unit (6#, 315 pts)
1 Warlock Unit @ 315 pts
1 Warlock ( Enhance ; Eldar Jetbike)
1 Warlock ( Embolden ; Eldar Jetbike)
1 Warlock ( Destructor ; Eldar Jetbike)
1 Warlock ( Destructor ; Eldar Jetbike)
1 Warlock ( Embolden ; Eldar Jetbike)
1 Warlock (Eldar Jetbike)

HQ: Autarch (1#, 120 pts)
1 Autarch @ 120 pts (Eldar Jetbike; Laser Lance)

Elite: Fire Dragons (6#, 225 pts)(x3)
5 Fire Dragons @ 225 pts
1 Wave Serpent (Shuriken Cannon; TL Bright Lances)

Troops: Dire Avengers (5#, 60 pts)(X3)
5 Dire Avengers @ 60 pts

Heavy Support: Falcon (1#, 175 pts) (X3)
1 Falcon @ 175 pts (Holo-Field; Scatter Laser; Shuriken Cannon)

Total Roster Cost: 2000

Meister_Kai said...

The first one, probably definitely.

I was going to run a council in my list as well before I realized everyone and their dad has Psy Hoods or some other crap. I just don't think it would be very reliable.

Besides, one Falcon, one squad of Dragons, just seems meh.

Meister_Kai said...

^Crap didn't see the "x3's" lol, makes me look silly.

Anyway, while this is probably about as good as it gets when it comes to singular large council at 2K, its only going to do well against large parking lots with no psy defense (and how many of those are around).

Kirby said...

Agree on taking the first one. If you wanted to take the 2nd one I'd replace Autarch with a 2nd seer so you've got some reliability in getting Fortune off.

Anonymous said...

Agreed.... 2nd list.... warlocks die, you die. If you reserve, no fortune, you die. If you don't and go 2nd, you die. No fun.

Strangely I have to say the vypers add something the warlocks don't. Council are a pain, but they can't block and don't have the output of the yypers.

Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about...?

Stelek said...

Oh fine, ask Kirby. I'm all hurt inside.

Split the Vypers into squadrons.

If and when you use them to block, saves you from losing them to torrent of fire/squadron rules early/after blocking.

Kirby said...

It's okay Stelek *pats.*

I believe the Vypers are in squads of 3x2 already.

islyfe said...

@Stelek: I didn't want my email to be eaten by your mail box. I do have 3 squads of two vypers. Any other criticisms?

The_King_Elessar said...


Meister_Kai said...

Unless "1981" points is a theme for you, I would either put another FD into a squad or put Spirit Stones on something. I would believe you really need to squeeze for points at NOVA con.

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