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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Email in: no subject [BA Honor Guard]


I got to ask, what is with honor guard units just packing melta guns. They make great assault units and the priest can’t just be picked off why do your jumper lists all ways have honor guard as melta spam?


HG can fill one of two roles. More reliable heavy tanks busters with more than two meltaguns or counter cc unit (though I prefer to have this on my VV as we shall see later, though if one is taking Devs over VV HG have to suffice). This is because you don't want these guys in combat. Yes they have 2A and a non-targetable FNP/FC bubble but that bubble becomes bogged down once you get in combat and are only good at combat if you start paying the points for LC/SS where they become woefully inefficient. As a FNP/FC bubble in a 5 man squad they are already a huge target and making them competent at assault just increases this which minimises their effectiveness as you add upgrades to them.

The easiest way to fix this then is having them as a melta-unit. Your FNP/FC bubble stays mobile, they are still an important target for your opponent but don't climb up to the top of the list in being an evil CC unit and your VV can still have the anti-super unit cc duties. When Devs are taken this falls to the HG (only ones capable of taking SS) so I'd put less meltaguns on them but only at larger points would I put combat weapons on them.

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Chumbalaya said...

No other unit can fit in so much melta. Infernus pistols are a poor substitute. 6" may not seem like much, but with a precision deep striking army it makes all the difference in the world.

[dick joke][/dick joke]

TMiles001 said...

I have probably missed an article somewhere (you are incredibly prolific), so please forgive my ignorance - but why can't you take Devs and VV?

Kirby said...

Points. You'd be taking out ASM, HG, SP or Libs if you took both Devs & VV or the Devs & VV would be very minimalistic and perhaps not worth it. 2.5k might be able to work though.

The_King_Elessar said...

Maybe if they came with HnR. But, they don't. And, no cheap Invul Save, along with no access to cheap Power Weapons.

Oh, and the points above, ofc.

TMiles001 said...

Thanks for your indulgence guys. I have seen the post in question now as well anyway. I was wondering why you were talking Devs in a jumper army anyway, and I agree with Kirby - stick with VV...

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