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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Email in: Thanks and once again requests! Dark Eldar and Eldar

"Hi Kirby,

Second time Im emailing in to seek your advice and opinion.

My first army being BA similar to BA Drop Dread list with some tweaks

Im planning on making my second army to be a more shooting oriented army and have not yet decided between Dark Eldar and Eldar.

Would need your assistance in conjuring a 1750 list! for either DE or Eldar! Even better! Both~ haha

so far the DE list such as 2k DE looks very interesting to me, as Ive personally never played against a DE player before. I really have no clues as to how good DE are in 5th ed lol

as for Eldar, I see many similar lists around which I honestly am not sure which is good . maybe this Eldar list?


Both the DE & Eldar lists you linked are good lists (obviously) and you just need to trim the fat to 1750. There's a 1750 Lords of Terra Eldar list you could use which is based on the same principle as the 2k Eldar list. For 1750 DE use the 2k list and drop the Wyches with Shredders until you get to 2k (I think you need to lose 2?). Not sure on exact points as DE codex is elsewhere (damned missus' house) so if someone can confirm that.

The joy of fast skimmers and awesome shooting. Both of these armies play keep away because they are allergic to getting close and use their mobility and firepower to generally try and neuter the enemy. I think Eldar have the mild edge in flexibility due to Dragons and being able to send them to midfield to block/remove important opponent pieces such as Raiders whilst DE are much more reliant on the backfield and Nightshields screwing up opponent's shooting early on (they really hate Rifledreads).

5 pinkments:

Meister_Kai said...

Someone likes the look of my 2k Eldar list, joy! Anyway, if you are choosing between Eldar and DE and time isn't an issue (like it was when I choose Eldar over DE) then wait like 2-3 months for the DE codex to come out and play that. Hopefully they will have many more good builds available (their one is good but the grand majority of DE units suck right now, thats just the way the cookie crumbles).

If you choose Eldar just make sure you are comfortable with only having a little leeway when it comes to building a really competitive list. You're only Elite choices are Fire Dragons and (if you must...) Harlequins with many "auto includes" such as either playing 2 Fire Prisms or none. They are still a blast to play though, I am 2 Wave Serpents 1 Dire Avenger squad and 1 Farseer away from being able to play.

But yeah, wait for DE to make your decision.

Asey said...

Yeah i guess i will choose DE as i find them to be really cool and wait for the codex. theres no official announcement LOL so lets hope it really is a 2-3 months wait

Kirby said...

I imagine it will be next but GW has kept a "tight" lid on it so far.

Fuklaw said...

Next WD will have the "comming soon" ad.

So my guess would be November / December somewhere near xmas

Kirby said...

November is my guess as GW generally don't release in Dec.

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