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Friday, September 10, 2010

Crazy Idea #2. Fixing Imperial Guard

What is the number 1 problem plaguing all Imperial Guard armies right now.
No, being called a "Leafblower" isn't it. That is a close running number 2.
The biggest problem I see, is that every single Guard army is always the same on the table. With so many around, I have gotten to a point that if I see another Valkyrie or Chimera the poor bloke on the other side of the table will probably cop something inserted somewhere it shouldn't go.
Even with different lists (blog-guard, mech, air-cav), the STC makes things very bland. At least with Marines there is a level of Fluff knowledge that just doesn't happen with Guardsman.
Seriously, I go to a tournament and I say to myself "please don't let me play the IG guy". Not because its a hard game (though they often are) but because the army is the wall of grey boredom over and over again.

Okay, onto the Crazy part.

Lets do a shout out to our readers born in the late 70's/early 80's. Yeah thats you, and also me.
I am not sure of the market penetration of this cartoon, but here is a crazy crazy thought for you from my childhood.

Dino Riders
Yup. Dino Riders. If you dont know what I am talking about, here are a few images that might get your creative juices flowing.

For those of you who are too lazy to click...
Think Dinosaurs with Howdahs carrying Multilasers and missiles.

So we have a problem and a solution. How would I go about making this work.

This time I am not going to give you a list.
I am just going to suggest some ideas.

Leman Russ Battle Tank eat your heart out!
1. Go to your local $1 store and find 3 boxes of Dinosaurs at a "Chimera" scale.
2. Pick a breed of dinosaur for each tank variant you want to make.
-> Chimera
-> Artillery
-> Leman Russ Battletank variant
-> Valkyrie
3. Buy plasticard (or get somebody who is capable to do it for you) and build the Howdahs up.
4. Decide if the Infantry will be Guardsman or something different
5. Think about Rough Riders as a viable thematic part of the list. Sentinals? Both have good modelling opportunities.

And finally, play the IG the way you want to (any list config is possible here!) and be the only Guard player people actually want to play against at the Tournament!

Now, a taste of things to come.
I want to write a few-part series on how to come up with your own crazy idea and how it can morph from crazy, to doable, to "Hey Mrs Fester, can I borrow a few hundred dollars?"

13 pinkments:

Alex said...

I was born in '84, so I kinda missed the height of Dino-Riders, but this idea is pure awesomeness

alt_raven said...

If you have ever seen the VOID Viridians line they had some great dinos.

Here's a LRBT like example:

Redfinger said...

Looking at those toys brings back some reeeeallll old memories. I use to have some of those. When I look at them I seem to recall them being so much more cool, and intricate looking, not so simple and...uh...toy-ish.

Auretious Taak said...

I was born '85 but remember Dino Riders well.

One problem with the idea:


Though not guard but Eldar it's been done all over the place before and for the past few editions a few nutters worldwide have had count as armies of eldar, orks whateer for their Exodites...

If you want a truely unique idea go and do a Marine army based on the Power Rangers where all of the veicles in the army morph together into an emperor class titan.

Yeah man, something no ones done before! HOORAH! :D

Kirby said...

Taak. That's the first good idea you've ever had. :P.

Marcus said...

Except you won't be playing at the tournament after some whiney bitch points out your vehicles aren't GW in any way so you can't play them.

Gunn Bot Mk IV said...

I get way to much of "I don't want to play a *boring* army" from forums and other havens of casual gaming. I hate this attitude. It's not my opponent's army that is fun/boring, but the challenge it presents and the attitude of my opponent. If there is such thing as a boring army, it's one that includes rough riders and sentinels, as that makes it much easier to defeat.


fester said...

Taak: Always the naysayer :P
Yeah, sure, Exodites are the obvious "dinosaur" army, but as you may have noticed, my crazy ideas arent about obvious!

Marcus: Sure, if you have to play @ GW stores. Saying that, If you build them out of Chimera Hulls, LRBT turrets, etc and use Cadians it could work out. Make them a little more "rustic" and base the army on catachans?!

willdstyle: I find the models boring, and the fluff. The army is usually consistantly strong and a good match.

Chumbalaya said...

That sounds pretty sweet.

Borkai said...

I have a friend who fields rough riders, he uses small raptor models with IG leading them on (each on a rider sized base) it is cool

SneakyDan said...

Coming to your house to punch you in the mouth.

Seriously guys, ask him to post photos of his "Battlewagons".

This stems from festers own brand on insanity.

AbusePuppy said...

Guard are only as boring as you make them. Yeah, most Guard armies feature Chimeras and Valkyries; most Marine armies feature Rhinos and Razorbacks, what's your point? They have just as much- more, really- differentiation between armies (chapters, regiments, whatever). Guard at least have different models- Marines are just the same dudes with different paint.

By the way this guy does awesome Catachans.

Gunn Bot Mk IV said...

I know that my Steel Legion mechanized list, lead by a rogue inquisitor (counts-as primaris psyker) and his inquisitorial henchmen (company and platoon command squads) is totally anti-fluff.

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