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Monday, August 9, 2010

Email in: TAU! 1.5K (I know you hate it :P)

"Well seeing as my wolves list is generally pretty done (apart from my Rune Priest and painting), I'm going to assemble my tau army to a useable 1500 point army (which you hate) before slapping together a dual monocheese necrons list (which you also hate) for 1500 points also (don't really need to say it a third time do I?). So without further ado, a list I do believe I've shown you before.

Shas'El - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi-Tracker - 87
Shas'Ui - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker - 62

2x Shas'Ui - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker - 124
2x Shas'Ui - Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi Tracker - 124

Fire Warriors - 6 Shas'La - 60
Kroot Carnivore Squad - 12 Kroot - 84
Kroot Carnivore Squad - 10 Kroot, 7 Kroot Hounds - 112

Pathfinder Team - 169
Pathfinders - 7 Shas'La
Devilfish - Gun Drones, Disruption Pods

Piranha Team - 2 Piranhas, Fusion Blasters, Targetting Arrays - 140

Hammerhead - Railgun, Smart Missile System, Disruption Pods, Multi-Trackers - 175
Hammerhead - Railgun, Burst Cannons, Disruption Pods, Multi-Trackers - 165
Broadside Battlesuit Team - 2 Shas'ui, ASS, Team Leader w/Hard-Wired Target Lock, Hard-Wired Drone Controller, 2 Shield Drones - 195


Which is, uhh, like, 50 dudes, 3 Skimmer tanks, and 2 Piranhas. And then the drones that get dropped off too. Total of 15 killpoints. What do you and the pink army think of it?


I can't wait for your monolith list to fail miserably. Waste of money. The list is solid though I might drop a Hammerhead in favor of another Suit squad (and get rid of the Bodyguard for upgrading the Devilfish to a Warfish + give the Shas'el a target-lock). You want as much S6/7 firepower from the suits as possible and whilst you can't hide all of them completely, the more the better, especially since you're taking PF at this points level. Having the Shas'el free to roam around also means you can get maximum ML coverage on a suit squad with him in it.

Otherwise your list basically operationalises how to play Tau in 5th. It's like you listen to me for once :).

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Von said...

What kind of word is 'operationalise', now?

Also, 'monocheese'. Hilarious. Are we playing fourth edition again? I can probably get my nothing-on-wheels Chaos army back, you see, but I'd like to know if it's worth the trouble...

I have a question about the Tau list; is there a reason it's advisable to load up on Kroot Hounds in one unit and not in the other?

AbusePuppy said...

In theory, you could place them to try and take take best advantage of their initiative (i.e. where you think you might fight Marines with the Hounds squad and against something you know you'll die to with the other ones.) In practice, I expect there would be no point.

The list looks pretty okay in general. If you absolutely must run Bodyguards with your commander, at least have the decency to give them both a Targeting Array to take advantage of their access to the wargear list.

I find TA+FB on both Piranhas to be something of a waste- when using them to block, at least one of them always dies before I get to do anything with it. Thus, I generally field them with one having all the upgrades (FB, TA, DP) and the other naked, so I have a throwaway squad member.

Target Lock on the SMS Railhead is probably more valuable than having it on the Broadside leader; the ability to put your Railgun into one target and missiles into another is extremely handy. Otherwise, I'd drop the SMS for an upgrade somewhere else, as you don't really get to make full use of it.

The Wolf's Lunch said...

It's not a bodyguard, I just put it there to remind me that it goes with the Commander.

The monocheese is a just for fun list, not going to be taking it to tournaments (would stock up on destroyers if I intended to)

No real reason for the hounds on one squad and not the other (made the list a while ago and they were just filler).

@AP - I didn't know target locks worked like that on vehicles so I've swapped them.
Also with the Piranhas I was contemplating sticking them in two separate squads.

AbusePuppy said...

Ah, okay. Um, don't do that with the lone guy, then; take your Crisis as a squad of two and a squad of three; it's less an issue of KP and more of using your Markerlights effectively.

I would probably make it so that you had 10 Kroot/2 Hounds and 12 Kroot/5 Hounds as your setup there, but it really doesn't make that much of a difference either way. Obviously replacing the last two "extra" Kroot with Hounds is the preferred solution.

Vehicle Target Locks are actually quite valuable on Railheads and larger Piranha squads.

Separate squads for the Piranhas can work, but keep in mind it bumps your KP count up even higher. It gives you more flexibility, to be sure, but there's a difference between building to minimize KP (pointless) and giving them up willy-nilly (poor idea.) At 1500, I would go with the team, as you're usually going to die from Immobilized results anyways due to going Flat Out.

Chumbalaya said...

Looks fine to me.

Monoliths are silly. Fun, but silly.

Evil-Termite said...

Target locks are nice on hammerheads, but consider blacksun filters instead; especially for tournaments. I've had tournament scenarios where each turn you roll a dice and on a 4+ night fighting rules are used. It can really kill a Tau list. Also, in 1/3 of the standard missions you use night fight rules and those extra rail gun shots are nice. I only buy blacksun filters for my hammerheads and broadsides since acute senses takes care of the crisis suits.

Kirby said...

Ew Termite, slap your TOs lol.

I'd be happy with the Piranhas in 2 squads. 4 KPs is annoying but meh, you're 'abusing' Crisis suits, give your opponent's something :P lol. Agree with Puppy though and put your Suits together though I'd still attempt to get another squad in there. Those guys rock at higher point levels and you can fit 7+ in at 1500 so I'd do it.

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