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Friday, October 8, 2010

Email in: Shrike @ 1750


following a brief interaction in the pink chat-box I wanted to know how you would build and play a Space Marine list with Shrike at 1750 points. All my 40k experience comes from playing a decent (but not great) vanilla Space Marine list with rhinos, dreads, preds & speeders. Now I would like to do something different, without having to swap army or even codex.


Mr Snark

Wow, I will take an easy one on the chin, hey.

So I suggested tried and true:
Shrike, Khan, 10 TH/SS. 2 Razor Tacs, MM AB and Preds and Kirby nearly choked on this cookies and (strawberry) milk.

So, back to a balanced drawing board we go.

Shrike is our Raven Guard friend of course.
Kirby did a 2000 pt list here with Shrike which we can cut down to 1750 by trimming things back.

Me, being a sucker for punishment however, wants to try something a little different, and attempt to build on myself.

Shrike and his men were untouchable, able to strike at the Orks' brutal war machine with seeming impunity, inflicting catastrophic damage before slipping away into the shadowed ruins of the hive cities. P92, Codex Space Marines
I always take the opportunity to mention Orks

Right, list.
Start with Shrike and your Troops.
Next, how do make this a fast-hitting Raven Guard army without using the fast-hitting codex, BA.
In pursuit of their covert goals, the Raven Guard depend heavily on Scout forces able to act alone for extended periods of time, and rapid reaction forces such as jump-pack equipped troops who can quickly capitalise on the foe's weaknesses. P 25, Codex Space Marines
VV's and ASM maybe?
Now for some firepower with what we have left. AutoLas Preds and a Drop Podding Dread, TLAC style. Why? Well I can land it first turn where I want, and be guaranteed side armor shots all game when I drop it in the corner of your deployment zone. Something different to consider, anyway.


Rifleman Dread, Drop Pod

3 x Sniper Scouts with Camo Cloaks, Missile Launcher
This is the "slipping away into the shadowed ruins" part.

Fast Attack
10 ASM, 2 Flamers. Sarge with LC
2 x 5 Vanguard Vets with 3 LC/SS each

Heavy Support
3 AutoLas Preds

Wow, that was hard.
I was looking at running a Jump Pack Command Squad, but you can't. Jump Packs aren't an option! WTF.

The Pink army will tear this apart, and I tend to agree. To do a fast, flying, CC based marine list I feel you need to buy the BA codex. Sorry champ!
The other thing you could try, keeping with the Raven Guard theme of fast and nasty ...

Captain, Bike, SS/Relic Blade
Command Squad on bikes, 4 Meltas, SS, LC/PW

2 x full biker squads, 2 Melta, MM Attack Bike

Fast Attack
3 x 7 ASM with Flamer (jump packs)

This leaves 32 points to play with for upgrades.

Side note: I stayed away from infiltrating Termies as they are a one-trick-pony and dont really play into the Raven Guard list/style of play.

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