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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Vincent Van Gogh Paints: His Imperial Fists SM!

Hey all, after some discussion with venerable 'old pink eye' (that came out wrong ;)), I decided that the blog needs some more hobby and painting articles :D. Especially after Rupert's cool series, I thought I'd do something painty of my own. Now this series won't be like Rupert's where he insanely builds and paints the army in 5 days (and then hibernates for a week!), it will just be more how I paint my armies and preferably try to offer some tips to painting and modelling (mostly painting with a reduction in overall time using a few techniques and tricks). Depending on what time frame you are looking at to finish the army by (such as a deadline for a client or a tournament) and whether you have all the models, etc, most of the painting techniques I do are fairly quick and produce table top results fairly fast. No Golden Demon type, 8 months on 1 model (Kirby style!) here, I only really do it for tourney and TT play.

Background: I guess some painting related background would be nice here. I started painting back way when the Bucaneers and Raiders were actually good (around 2003), and obviously my skills have improved greatly since (I hope!). My IG army was largely painted at this time and doesn't look as good as most of the stuff I paint now. I then moved onto World Eaters and then Death Guard and this was around the time I was introduced to my secret love children - the GW inks.

Then I moved into the realm of fantasy and painted armies for several friends too (Emperors Children, Dwarves, SW, Dark Elves, Vampire Counts). Ive got too many armies going atm and too much to paint lol. Seems strange that I'm getting more minis when a lot of my current armies aren't fully finished, I think I just get bored with painting one army and so need to whore around with all types of different armies. I scoure the interwebs like a crack fiend looking for quick painting techniques and ways to paint an army differently from what some people may do normally, especially using washes, foundations and inks that would achieve good colours and take minimal effort and time :)

So article 1 is going to be my current project (one of many lol) but which has been going for a while since I found a cool yellow recipe I was happy with that would take minimal effort. It works just as well on tanks as on troops and with some persistence on my part, I could churn out a fists army in short order. Persistence is the key word there though and I will probably get bored of them soon and whore my painting to BT or Iron Hands for a little while lol.

So the actual meat of the article I guess: the recipes! All the fists stuff has been sprayed with GW Skull White.

Yellow Armour: 1. White Spray
2. GW Yellow Ink x 2
3. Gryphonne Sepia Wash (sometimes slightly watered down if its looking a bit undiluted).
4. Profit

Reds: 1. Mechrite Basecoat
2. Blood Red 2:1 Mechrite Highlight
3. Blood Red Highlight
4. Blazing Orange 2:1 Blood Red finer highlight
5. Baal Red Wash

Metals: 1. Boltgun Metal Basecoat
2. Chainmail Drybrush highlight
3. Badab Wash

Seals 1. Dheneb Stone Basecoat
2. Devlan Mud Wash
3. Dheneb Highlight
4. Dheneb 1:1 Skull White edge highlight

Battle Damage 1. Chaos Black edging
2. Boltgun Metal edging (keeping in the Chaos Black)

Weathering on Tanks 1. A drybrush upward motion of Devlan Mud (wait for it to dry and do it again if it doesn't look muddy enough)

Thats it really, simple to churn out plenty of banana marines and yellow boxes for glorious benefit of emprah.

I should also plug my photobucket log here since it contains most of my current minis Ive done :D

PROTIP for the day - Learn the format? Crickey. Keep a painting recipe book! If you intend to do a whole army of guys, then it would be best to keep track of the way you paint them so that future guys turn out the same as any test models you do. This is especially important for difficult colour schemes and mixing colours and what ratios, etc.

So this concludes the first of my painting articles. Next few articles I have planned will be (in no particular order): Space Wolves, Red Corsairs, Lizardmen, Skaven, Warriors of Chaos, Iron Hands, Sisters of Battle, Black Templars.

If anyone has any requests for anything I've painted and how to do it, or has some interesting painting guides of their own, shoot me an email on the blog account! Thanks pinkies!

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