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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spam. There must be another way.

In a recent post Kirby was asked to help build a list for a comp'd event. It's easier to post the Email here rather than making you go and read it, so here it is...

"Dear Kirby,
Since you're used to dealing with comp in your area, I figured you'd be the best to contact on the manner. So here's my dilemma, I have a heavily comped GT coming up and from the looks of the missions, it seems to favor those whom can win by a sizable margin of VP and KP. Unfortunately, I've always played a redundant codex marine list, and while not flashy, it can take a pounding and at the end of the game, I'm the one winning. According to this comp though, you get penalized for taking redundant units. So I'm at a total loss on how to build a SM list that's not redundant but can put a beating on someone first, and worry about objectives later.

When the author states 'redundant units', I think he is just talking about 'spam', rather than true redundancy. It'd be impossible to make a 2k list without some redundancy (try it). Before I continue, I just want to say, I have nothing against spamming force occupation slots to make a competitive list, I even do it myself. But in all honesty, it does make me a sad panda. There are so many options available to us, so many beautiful creations/choices and we end up choosing just 4 or 5 different things.

As part of a thread a while back I attempted to prove that duality and redundancy does not mean spam. I tried to create a list that didn't spam a single unit that would be able to 'compete'. I fully admit it wasn't as strong as a list that is completely spammed but it would be fun to see, at least reasonably decent and would keep those tournament organisers happy.

So just for giggles, I want you all (yeah, even you VT2, no calling special olympics on me) to come up with a list that has nothing spammed that would at least attempt to be competitive.

I'll try my luck at BT as it's the codex I know best. I'll aim for 2k points. That's going to be tough with the BT codex (lack of options), but I shall try my hardest.

HQ - Emperor's Champion - Accept any Challenge - 140

Elite - Terminators (5) - 2 x Assault Cannon, Tank Hunters - 255

Elite - Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Venerable, Tank Hunter, Smoke Launcher, Extra Armour - 143

Dreadnought - TLLC/ML - 135

Troop - Crusader Squad (7) - Power fist/Melta - Rhino - EA, smoke - 195

Troop - Crusader Squad (5) - MM/Flamer - Rhino - smoke - 149

Troop - Crusader Squad (5) - Las/Plas - Rhino - EA, smoke - 159

Troop - Crusader Squad (5) - Las/Flamer - Rhino - EA, smoke - 159

Fast Attack - Land Speeder x 2 - MM/HF - 150

Fast Attack - Attack Bikes (2) - MM - 130

Fast Attack - Assault Squad (5) - SS x 5, MB x 5, Power Fist - 150

Heavy Support - Predator Destructor - Lascannon Sponsons - 125

Heavy Support - Pred Destructor - Heavy Bolter Sponsons - 110

Total - 2000

Like I said, this list will not mix it with the big boys, but there is not a single duplicated unit. BT is an old codex, with very few choices, and i still think this list would compete well at a comp'd tournament.

In the backfield you have 2 preds, a shooty dread, 2 troops choices with lascannons and a TLLC razor to use for cover. The main point of the list is to hit the midfield. The 2 borrowed rhinos zoom up and pop smoke. With cheap EA and old smoke launchers, they should be tough to stop. They will provide cover for everything that will be hitting the midfield. 5 terminators that put out a nasty amount of fire, a venerable tank-hunting dread, 2 x 2 MM units a MM bunker and a counter-attacking squad should anybody challenge your space.

Like I said, it's by no means awesomesauce and perhaps goes against all the 3++ rules (sorry Kirby), but I thought we'd all have some fun nerf-style. Would it be heresy to say that it takes more Generalship to build and play a list like this?? Let me see what you've got...

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