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Thursday, November 25, 2010

fester's Project Log: Suggestion Box

As my terminator painting draws to a close, I have started to want to challenge myself with a build, something cool, something different, and something that adds to one of my armies, or lets me build towards a new army.
The latest thing that has taken my fancy is Ad Mech. This also allows my some interesting opportunity to build something out of the box.

So, as some of you may be aware, I have been staggering around trying to get my mind into gear and make a decision on what to build.

This, my dear pink friends, is the point of this post. Grilling your brains to see what I can build.

As a bit of an ego-flex, you can see the picture is my largest build. The placemat it is standing on is 1ft x 1ft. The only part of this not scratchbuilt is the Techmarine driver. I know, I know, Marines don't drive Titans... but it's all I had available at the time, and is only visible if you really want to look hard.

Anyway, the challenge I have set myself is one (or more) of the following items, and I want to see what people think of this, whether they want me to make this a part of the 3++ world, and if they have any other ideas.

1. Hellblade.

I have had a hankering to build a Chaos Hellblade for the last, oh, 8 months. I found some instructions on how to do it, and the overall look of it is not too difficult.

The biggest issue with this model, for the purposes of construction would be the angles on the cockpit, and the fact that I would want to build about 3 if this worked well, to start a BA Air-Cav list.

2. Knight Titan

Anyone who has read Mechanicum (and if you haven't, go buy it now!) will know and have a soft spot for this fella. Basically, this is an entry-level Titan, equipped similar to a Leman Russ Battle Tank, and carries a single pilot.

The model to the right is a resin cast, and the details can be found here:

3. Defiler Evolution

So, there has been much discussion over the ages about where the Defiler comes from, and what it originally looked like. Mordian7th has his/her own idea called a Myrmidon Assault Engine. Built from a Defiler kit, and looking like something from Star Wars, this is just awesome.
I however, have been trawling the Horus Heresy Collected Visions books for ideas and stumbled across this... ===>
Now before you just skim past, this is called a Neutrino Irradiator. If you google this, you will get a model done by Dave Taylor, which is basically a hull-less Leman Russ. That is the sum total of all knowledge on this beasty. I see it much more as akin to the Defiler central Hull mounted between Chimera Tracks with a Scorpion-style weapons mount. This image here could be the beginning of the Defiler, Brass Scorpion, or many other varieties of Chaos nasty. Either way, inspired!

4. Mekboy Speeder

One of my friends suggested I look at the Epic Ork range and find something awesome... and use it in my normal army. In the past I built a pirate ship out of balsa for my orks (12 inches long, about 15 inches high to the top of the mast) so something like this appeals.

I could easily sub something this large in as a Battlewagon or Looted Wagon (eww) for my army, and have even more attention on my forces than I have now!

5. Something Else

I am looking for a challenge here, and if you are chasing a custom model for yourself for your own army, let me know, and if the timing is right, and the challenge good, you might luck out and find yourself in happy-land (or me asking for moolah to cover some of the plasticard expenses and postage). Let me know what you are chasing. I would prefer something that isn't STC based and comes in a GW kit. I am terrible with GreenStuff so I wont be sculpting anything, but I will be trying to do weekly, or fortnightly progress updates. This also will be, as much as possible, a FULL SCRATCH BUILD. This means no kits to base from, just me, glue, a stack of card and a bottle of grog or 9.

So Pink Army, I challenge you, what should I build, give me some ideas. I will be completing the painting on my last 8 Terminators and Horus before starting this project, but if all goes well they should be finished by Friday next week, giving us all time to make a decision on how things will go.

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