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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Crack at a Dark Eldar List

Author's Note: It's been quite a while since I've published anything. During this time I have written a bunch of college papers, finished projects, and played 40K. I've won a couple tournaments and with the winnings have started the army I've always wanted to play, Dark Eldar. I'm not going to steal anyone's thunder by doing a review or whatever, just going through some of my thought processes. Also, if I have time I'm going to start a section on Combat Patrol because I think it's awesome.
Also I lost the email with the "Click for more pink" HTML code, could someone do that for me please :) Also tell me what it is lol.

So after taking my dear sweet time reading the undeniably phenomenal Dark Eldar codex cover-to-cover, I sat down and in the course of about 2 hours cranked out an exploratory 1500 pt list, trying for a balanced all comers approach that is fun to play as well as functional.

It is a little skimmer heavy, probably using about as many as I could see myself using (perhaps one more Raider/Ravager max at higher point totals). The reason for this is because I was weened on mech and its proving difficult to really stretch out and focus on a more foot-based army, but I'm sure once I'm more comfortable with the codex I'll be able to wrap my head around things.

List, then tactics of course.

HQ: 100 pts
2 Haemonculi

Elite: 437 pts
6 Mandrakes
1 Nightfiend
3 Kabalite Trueborn w/ 2 Dark Lance
Venom w/ 2 Splinter Cannons, Flickerfield, Night Shield
3 Kabalite Trueborn w/ 2 Dark Lance
Venom w/ 2 Splinter cannons, Flickerfield, Night Shield

Troops: 580 pts
10 Warriors w/ Blaster
Raider w/ Shock Prow
10 Warriors w/ Blaster
Raider w/ Shock Prow
10 Wracks w/ 2 Liquifier Gun
10 Wracks w/ 2 Liquifier Gun

Fast Attack: 162 pts
3 Reaver Jetbikes w/ 1 Blaster
3 Reaver Jetbikes w/ 1 Blaster

Heavy Support: 220 pts
Ravager w/ Disintegrator, 2 Dark Lance, Shock Prow
Ravager w/ Disintegrator, 2 Dark Lance, Shock Prow

1499 pts

Ok, there is a lot to cover here. Turn one, the Haemonculi either attempt to give something their pain tokens (such as the Mandrakes, Wracks, Reavers, whatever) then go and babysit the Wracks as the Wracks hold objectives. With two Liquifier Gun templates not even Marines want to get too close to you. Also Furious Charge Wracks can lay some smack down on another opposing troop choice if need be (but don't think you can take on shit like Tyranid Warriors or something).

The Mandrakes are there for early game pressure, try to infiltrate that full 12 in" away and let your Lances rip, hopefully opening one or two transports for your Mandrakes to get at and devourer. Once they get that first token they become somewhat threatening, hopefully pinning a squad then while still in cover to make full use of their stealth. The Nightfiend is for LD 9.

The Trueborn are utilized to take full advantage of the 36" range of everything in their package. Stay back and plink away while moving 6" if necessary. I know its 161 pts but it isn't too terrible for 12 poison shots and 2 lance shots at 36 in" protected by both a Night Shield and Flickerfield at BS 4. Or maybe it is. I think it is an interesting enough concept to try though.

The Warriors do what Warriors have done for ages, fly around in their Raider and shoot things. Except this time even without Dark Lances most infantry doesn't want to be hit by their guns. Raider down and facing a tank/dread? No worry, you've got a Blaster to help take care of that.

Reaver squads are there to hide behind terrain/other skimmers and pop out to nuke a tank, or even perhaps a small infantry squad. Giving them FNP can be sort of a big deal, but don't except this unit to last after blasting something. I think Blaster>Heat Lance for now just because Heat Lance can't insta-gib multi-wound T4 dudes.

Ravagers are there to ravage tanks and heavy infantry. I know I know, Disintegrators are like so totally last fall, but honestly they give the tank a smidgen more anti-infantry fire for only having "pretty decent" anti-mech capability. This may change though.

Oh yeah, Shock Prow for most underestimated upgrade all damn day. DO NOT underestimate the power of tank shocking/ramming. Something people will learn is not to put so many upgrades on Raiders, leave it at 2 max or prepare to cry when your 85 pt+ love cruisers are boltered down for being too big of point sinks.

Concerns I have about the list:
Reavers: Better as Scourges? One group or two? Heat Lances or Blasters? Arena Champ seems interesting.

Wyches instead of Warriors? Not sure how to get the points for more CC punch into the list without. Honestly I think Wyches would be really good in this list but the points are tight.

Shock Prows on Ravagers? No one would see it coming (except those that read this). I don't really think its worth it though.

Thanks for reading this book I just wrote. Any suggestions or ideas?

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