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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Day Hobby Day

Thanks for sending in the some nice pics this week. I got the go ahead from the Pink One to make this a regular feature and for that, we need you to send in more pics. If you don't you'll just have to suffer more pics from me.

The first reader to send some pics in unfortunately didn't post a name I recognise from 3++ chat so I'll let him post his RL/interwebz name if he so wishes. I'll add it into the post if he wants me to. Zenos
Anyway, straight out of the Empire, I give you some extremely dapper Empire Halberdiers. The eyes are superb... a little cartoony, but very characterful. Big fan of the colour scheme and I'm sure they look superb together on the field. Great job.

I'm sure you'll all agree these guys look great fully based as a unit. I'll be honest and say I'm a little jealous at how you make your grass look... well... grassy.

Next up are some minis taken straight off the interwebz. A link to this website was posted on one of fester's Orky posts a little while back. For some odd reason I didn't pay much attention to the pic (very strange for me), but I noticed it after it was linked on chatbox. What can I say? I'm pretty certain this guy IS an ork. He can make some kind of crazy machine out of anything.

Got any Mr Potato Heads lying around...?

And here's the Waaagh!

I'm sure a lot of you have seen the work from Iron Dog studios, but if not, go let him know your thoughts.

Last of all a pic I came across on Coolmini last night. Holy hot cakes this guy is a great modeler and painter. Quite easily one of the best I've seen. He has some great minis, but my favourite by far (and I'm guessing Koopa's too) is this grot wagon! Perfect limo-esque dimensions for an Orky vehicle and a cracking paintjob to boot! Shame about the lack of a Deff Rolla.

Raise you brushes to Emuse!

Well that brings an end to this weeks Monday Day Hobby Day. Remember, keep sending those pics in. I'm happy to post anything, minis, terrain, tutorials. Thanks.

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