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Thursday, November 18, 2010

MotF List 2: Dread Mech

So here we are with list two! This will seem very similar to anyone who has watched Gx1080 spam lists around like this in the comments lately; isn't he cute. Obviously he deserves some credit for this ^^. Based upon my 1750 Mech the Dread Mech list basically expands this to 2000. Let's take a quick peek then at what we already have in the Mech list.

Four Scoring options with two full tac squads (MM bunkers) and two small tac squads (LasPlas fire support) backed up by Dakka Preds and Rifledreadnoughts. A libby to provide utility and avenger for any last ditch template fun and four speeders to provide disruption, blocking and fast MM/HF. Very solid at 1750; so what do we need to take it to 2000? Obviously we need a MotF but finding a place for him will again be quite difficult unless we buy a Scout squad but we'd then have five scoring options and not really a great increase in firepower to go to 2000 points. For the moment then we will keep him bare bones and he can hitch a ride in the other LasPlas RBack (the Libby stealing the other). The most obvious change is the Predators to Dreadnoughts. Although we lose a bit of front armor, we gain some mobility and combat prowess backed up by all-round AV12 (except back) from simple MM dreads. This also gives us more mobile MM which is one issue of the 1750 mech list against LR heavy armies. Adding some Speeders is generally common for uprading SM lists to 2000 points as well so any spare points can go into these boys but since we've already got a fair amount of mobile MM, Typhoons might be a better addition than more MM/HF speeders.

So we start at 1750 and add in the MotF to go to 1850 and ugprade three Preds to MM Dreads costing 60 points and taking us to 1910. Just enough points for a Typhoon and we're already at 2000 which gives us the following:

Libby w/Null Zone, Avenger
Master of the Forge
3x Dreadnought w/2x TL-autocannon
2x 10x Tacticals w/flamer, MM, Rhino
2x 5x Tacticals w/RBack w/LasPlas
2x 2x Speeders w/MM, HF
Speeder w/Typhoon
3x Dreadnought w/MM

Totals: 2000 points
15 tanks
32 infantry

So as an upgrade from the 1750 mech list we haven't added much in terms of vehicle saturation or bodies (1 and 1 respectively) but the imrproved mobility of the Dreads and extra MMs is nice (but a little loss of ranged suppresion fire). There are quite a few options we can do with this list which mainly revolve around the Speeders, upgrades and Tacs. Like usual we can return the Tacticals to 3x flamer/MM/Rhino squads and with the spare points buy more Speeders or upgrades (i.e. combis, HKMs, etc.) or replace some of the MM/HF Speeders (since we've got more mobile MM in the Dreads) with Typhoons but I think I'd want at least two MM/HF Speeders.

Overall the 1750 Mech list is probably stronger at its points level compared to Dread Mech but for anyone having difficult scaling up their Mech list or wanting to use a bunch of Dreads, this is the ticket. A good list which still brings a lot of armor saturation to the table and some impressive firepower but the MotF unfortunately doesn't add much here outside of the Dreads because he has no place to sit around (though if you dropped the Tacs to 3 flamer/MM/Rhino you could buy him his scout squad).

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