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Monday, November 1, 2010


Another round of updates. To avoid some of the confusion we've witnessed lately and thanks to fester's help, I've put avatars next to author bylines. No more excuses of not knowing who posted! There's a bloody picture and byline! This dodges up the formatting a wee bit but makes things a lot easier to pick out for anyone just coming into the site I guess.

Also we've added a Hobby page which backlinks all of the hobby articles in relation to painting (including WIP), conversions, army logs and tutorials. I think I got them all but if any are missing let me know please and I'll add them. Also, anyone with HTML or coding savy I could use some help in organising these pages (i.e. guest author articles, hobby page, useful articles, etc.). Listing them makes for very boring reading and annoying on the eyes so anyone with ideas or coding ability let it be known here!

Otherwise a couple of posts lately have been skirting 'drama' so let's be clear on what these issues are. Getting information out there and promoting discussion. Drama has nothing to do with discussion so let's not associate these posts with them. Also done a lot of e-mails lately as I haven't been on here too much of late (have to rest the eyeballs!) but this week should see some more tactical articles up as well as replying to the backlog of e-mails.

Finally before I go. This post here about playing Blood Angel Jumper lists didn't get much attention due to poor post timing so go read it if you are interested in those list types!

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