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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dream email in: Hey BroLo, you rule... White Scars please!

While we're dreaming-up emails, I'll join the boat with a request from Monsieur Koopa (that is what the M is for in MKoopa don't you know).

Hey Brolo,

Your posts rock my world and your lists are waaaaay better than Kirby's. It'd probably be better if you don't post this email, I don't want to hurt the little guy's feelings. Anyway, as his BA list is so failsauce, I'm interested in a White Scar list. Think you might be able to offer-up some advice?



It's unofficial, my lists are better than Kirby's! Suck it up Pinkie!

After chatting on chatbox, Koops want a White Scars biker list with Khan (with or without Moondrakken). Let's look at some lists with have from the past...

Here is a basic SM biker list from Smurfy and here is an interesting use of The Khan by Stelek. If you're interested in why he's not fussed on losing Kor'sorro's outflank ability, have a read here. I really like the Stelek list, but you're forking out a hell of a lot for a buffed Captain, which you're paying-out for abilities that are not being used.

So if you know when NOT to outflank everything and lose everything, then we can consider Khan as a good buy. You'll probably catch a lot of players out and we'll try to build a list that will stand up to a good opponent.

Kor'sarro Khan - Moondrakken - too many points (205)

Librarian - Space Marine Bike - Null zone, Avenger - 135

Dreadnought - 2 x T-L autocannon - 125

Dreadnought - 2 x T-L autocannon - 125

Bike Squad (8) - Meltagun x 2, AB (MM), PF - 310

Bike Squad (8) - Meltagun x 2, AB (MM), PF - 310

Bike Squad (4) - Meltagun x 2, AB (MM) - 185

Land Speeder Squadron - HB/TML x 2 - 180

Land Speeder Squadron - HB/TML x 2 - 180

Predator - Las sponsons - 120

Predator - Las sponsons - 120

So we have 30 bikers and 2 ICs to join the squads. The 2 big squads give you lots of options for combat-squads and you have at least 3 squads with melta-y goodness. There is a good deal supression fire in the list and has a good chance of dealing with at least 6 AV10-12 targets on turn 1. Although, you're unlikely to use outflank a great deal, it does give you some sneaky options at getting some side armour shots.

The ICs and the fists will provide some CC ability, but I would advise avoiding it wherever possible. If something can die, you're better concentrating fire on it rather than proving how bad marines are in combat. Locking units with T5 goodness is an option, but will not work against real CC units unfortunately - it's more of a last gasp tactic.

After I finished the list, I knew there were some major similarities to some other 'e-famous' list, but couldn't think it... Mr Kirby helped me out. I blame him with his silly names.

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