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Thursday, December 30, 2010

fester's Orks: update on some models and painting

Hi guys, I know I should be working on the poll Tyranids but nobody seems interested in me building them an army!

Oh well, until that day comes, I have found some new focus with my Orks, and hope to put them together (and do some other toys too) by Centurion in March.

On to the filler content I mean hobby update!
This is my first Trukk, which is a Gorkamorka Trukk sandwiched between 2 Leman Russ tracks from an old Looted Russ I had laying around.

The theme is Speek Freakz, but all vehicles will have racing stripes of some description. This trukk also gets what might end up being the army logo mid-stripe for cool (I hope) effect.

Next on the modelling shelf, a Looted Wagon and Battlewagon with built-in-diorama (damn you Eltnot!)

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