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Friday, December 3, 2010

Email in: "Space Marine 1250 list for review"

Mister Chan wrote: "Saw you on 3++ is the new black, would like a list evaluation. @1250 pts: HQ - Captain on bike with relic blade - Command Squad on bikes, with Champion and 2 power swords Fast - Land Speeder with MultiMelta and Heavy Flamer Troop - Bike squad x5 with powerfist, 2x meltagun, Attack bike with MM - Bike Squad x4 with 2x plasmagun, Attack bike with MM - Tac marines x5 in Las/plas Razorback Heavy - Predator w/Autocannon + sponson Heavy Bolters - Predator w/Autocannon + sponson Heavy Bolters @1500pts: add another las/plas Razorback squad, change one command squad power sword to lightning claw and add a storm shield, add another MM/HF Land Speeder."

(Bikerboss: relicblade.
Biker command: company champion, and two bikers with power weapons.

Bike squad: 5 bikes, powerfist, 2 meltaguns, attackbike with multi-melta.
Bike squad: 4 bikes, 2 plasmaguns, attackbike with multi-melta.
Tac squad: 5 marines, plasmaback transport.

Tornado speeder (flamer/melta).

2 dakka predators.)

Fragile, compact, and kinda small.
Bike marines only work at 2k points, first of all.
If you're going there, okay. If instead just planning on running a mix of stuff, well...

The 1500 list is a bit better, but all biker veterans should have plasmaguns (it's effective, ignores feel no pain, lower-than-average death-rate, etc.), and have a fair few claws thrown in. A single hammer/powerfist is always mandatory for commands.
Remove the plasma on the bike squad. Yeah, it's rare, but they do run the risk of killing themselves, and they're very expensive.

You need to add more armor and guns, buddy. Plasmabacks, a third predator, dreads, sternguard in rhinos - hell, even scout bikes.
If you were really looking to do fulll biker marines, you have to go up to 2k.

Edit: the sendee had many questions, so more emails were answered.

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