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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Email in: Space Wolves

"Dear Kirby,

I write to ask your advice and suggestions on th following list. I came accross your blog a few months ago and since then have been a daily reader cheking back several times a day. I want to build an in-you-face combat based list using the Space Wolf codex, but I want to model them as Knorne Bezerkers and for the force to be as small as possible.

We play 1500 points in my local area and I'd like for the list to be able to hold its own against tournament style forces, and indeed, be useable in a tournament.

Logan Grimnar - 275

Canis Wolfborn - 185

Wolf Lord - 250
Wolf tooth necklace, thunderwolf, thunderhammer, storm shield, saga of the bear

Wolf Guard Battle leader -
Wolf tooth necklace, wolf tail talisman, thunderwolf, twin wolf claws, saga of the warrior born

Lonewolf - 85
Terminator armour, storm shield, chainfist

Lonewolf - 85
Terminator armour, thunderhammer, storm shield

Lonewolf - 85
Terminator, 2 thunderhammers.

3 wolfguard terminators - 164
Terminator 1 - Twin Wolf Claws
Terminator 2 - Twin Wolf Claws, meltabomb
Terminator 3 - Stormshield, Chainfist

3 wolfguard terminators - 164
Terminator 1 - Twin Wolf Claws
Terminator 2 - Twin Wolf Claws, meltabomb
Terminator 3 - Stormshield, Chainfist

Total 1498.

So, how does the list look to you? I've no doubt that there are changes that could streamline the list and make it much more effective and I'd really appreciate any help you can offer.

Kind regards


Well Dan, the list is pretty bad I'm afraid. I know you want a small and elite army but a small and Elite army isn't going to be very good, regardless of how you set it up. Losing Canis and the TWM Lords and buying more Wolf Guard in TDA to access CMLs and get more squads is a much better idea. It's still not going to be really competitive and you're going to have issues with good balanced lists (i.e. tournament lists) but you'd have more chance of doing so and be much more capable of playing for draws in battle point missions. If you weren't adverse to adding in more models I'd recommend Long Fangs as well and make a sort of Loganwing based list or if you wanted some more combat fun add in TWM and more Wolf Guard in TDA (or mixed squads).

Personally have mixed squads of Wolf Guard, Long Fangs and TWM is your best bet (aka Loganwing) but isn't really going to be a small force and the Long Fangs don't fit too much with the Khorne theme (Wolf Guard and TWC [Juggernaughts] do). So with the Khorne theme in mind I'd go for the mixed squads of Wolf Guard (or pure TDA) and TWC squads. It'll have more models than what you have now but also be capable as an actual army.

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