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Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Hobby Day - Daemon Style!

While Brolo is off running around with strippers again or whatever he's doing, I write you from cold snowy Madison Wisconsin where the only good things about these next few months of the year is that I don't feel quite so bad staying indoors and working on mini's most of the winter!
Fear not!  Monday Hobby Day will not be missed, you'll just have to listen to me ramble a bit and check out some awesome models!

This week in the hobby I've been working on some BA's still, hanging by to see how I'm going to end up painting my Blood Angels.  Doing some finishing touches on the ultra forge treewoman model I bought for my fantasy wood elf army.  Aside from that, not a whole heck of a lot. 

Anyhow, shortly after I started my Blood Angel's project my roommate decided he would like to get back into 40k.  He has always wanted to play Daemons but never went for it.  As he has just sold his old Dark Eldar army to buy some fresh plastic to work with.  He has been somewhat unmotivated as of lately in terms of working on mini's.  Though with this new plastic set and seeing me constantly working on mini's I'm sure he will be back at it any day now.

We worked out a few lists and came up with a few ideas, but when all the dust settled... we needed fiends.

 So what are our options for fiends:
Well this is what we came up with, but feel free to offer some other ideas.

a) Buy actual GW fiends - While they do look pretty cool they are pretty expensive... and well, we like to convert stuff!

b) We could do some kit bashing to make things interesting...

c) We could use some cold one's do some green stuff work and spruce em up a bit... could be a cool idea.

When it comes to Daemons a ton of awesome conversion opportunities become available. While surfing around and checking out different conversions with my room mate and getting some solid ideas down I came across a Slaanesh army I thought was very well done.  So props out to Seraph74 over on Warseer for his Decadent Host.

 This stuff is just absolutely amazing, I recommend checking it out over here.

Alright well that's all for Monday Hobby Day today.  I hope you enjoyed it, I had a good time reflecting on how unproductive I've been in the hobby all things considered.  Lets hope next time I check in on Monday Hobby Day I'll have more to report!

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