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Monday, December 6, 2010

More Hybrid Blood Angels

From the comments in this thread, I thought I'd have a look at a blood angels hybrid list. This here is MKoopa's list, the one Kirby was talking about. I like the feel of it, but it's not my bag really.

As I said in my comment, I think Blood Angels are perfect contenders for hybrid lists. When comparing them to Space Wolves (the current gold standard let's say), I think BA are well equipped for contending. The most important thing, is we're not trying to do a SW hybrid list, they work in a very different way. Despite many people thinking Space Wolves are an assault army, I disagree, as they're USRs say, they are a counter assault army (I read an article on this a little while back, but remember exactly where, quite possibly YTTH, but I'm not 100% sure *and in the time i've been writing this, Stelek has actually posted another similar post, so probably there; It was me! Ages ago I did a comparison on SM armies and which one was the best for building an assault Blood Angels on the other hand are an assault army and therefore, we need something very different from them.

What do we need for a hybrid list then. Well the term hybrid relates to the way it's infantry are getting about really. This can include mech'd units, stationary/foot units, jump packs and also Dreadies add an extra summin summin. Space wolves' hybrid lists tend to be, mech'd marines, long fangs on foot and thunderwolf cavalry. 'Famous' Space Wolf hybrid lists also include scouts for that little bit of added disruption. Long fangs, despite being very similar to devs add that something extra with their ability to split fire and thunderwolf cavalry are obviously unique, but Blood Angels have many 'unique' possibilities of their own.

Looking at the FOC broadly let's have a look at some of our options.

HQ - As we're looking for something specific, we can count out any characters that need a list designed around them such as Dante and although Mephiston is a nasty piece of work, he's just too many points for filling part of the assault role. It will probably end up being a cheap slot in all honesty, but nothing is decided yet.

Elites - So many beautiful options. I'm looking at you Sanguinary Guard! There are a lot of other units that can fill their role however, so let's not count our chickens.

Troops - With one of the cheapest (and with buffs, arguably some of the best) troops in the game, it looks like it's going to be an easy choice. 6 Slots may however be a limiting factor here though as there are a few other options for us.

Fast Attack - This will be a tough one. At first glance, it's not a great section and doens't have the cheap as chips assault units such as TWC, but as I've said BA need to do things differently, so other options should work out just fine.

Heavy Support - I love devs who doesn't but with dreads, preds, stormravens and vindicators as options, they're not guaranteed a place just like everything else. Okay, maybe I was joking about vindicators. Maybe.

Having a play

Librarian - combi-melta - 110

Sanguinary Priest - 2 x combi-melta, lightning claw - 150

Sanguinary guard - Power fist - 210

Assault squad - melta, lightning claw - 125
Razorback - T-L heavy flamers - 20

Assault squad - melta, lightning claw - 125
Razorback - T-L heavy flamers - 20

Assault squad - melta, lightning claw - 125
Razorback - T-L heavy flamers - 20

Assault squad - melta, lightning claw - 125
Razorback - T-L heavy flamer - 20

Scouts - Sniper rifles, camo cloaks - 95

Vanguard veterans - Lightning claw, Power fist, SS x 3, 265

Baal predator - T-L Assault cannon - 115

Baal predator - T-L Assault cannon - 115

Devastators - 3 x MLs - 120

Devastators - 3 x MLs - 120

Devastators - 3 x MLs - 120


We have vehicles that aren't confused about what they're doing. They want and need to be in your opponents face. This means the real assault elements that are sheltering behind them aren't being held up. ALL of the units are serious threats. Mechanised units (except one) have a pair of melta weapons and a pair of power weapons. The real assault threats are geared differently and ready to rock and roll with pretty much anything.

I'm not totally happy with the list and it may evolve with time, so we shall see...

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