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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rifledreads: All for one now!

Sorry a quick post for this morning as I am literally rushing out the door. First off, according to Nick/TastyTaste over from Blood of Kittens, we are the best tactics blog around. Go us. I'd love to make a little addendum to his description of 3++...

"As other tactical blogs have failed or faded away 3++ has kept on getting bigger and better. With multiple authors and a fearless leader this blog gives you all the advice you ever want without making you feel like a total idiot. They keep current and consistent with what they believe is good or bad about 40k. While you may not always agree with what they have to say their opinions are backed by thoughtful explanation with humor mixed in.  3++ also surprisingly features an IRC flashback a  chat room where anyone  is welcome to discuss 40k or any wargame.  If there is one place to talk tactical shop this is the place."

Whilst we are consistent we are also willing to see reason and if our stance proves incorrect, we are happy to admit our mistakes and cross the room! Just sometimes goodluck proving our stance is incorrect! haha. Anyway, thanks for the shoutout and I hope we can maintain this 'title' lol =D.

So here are pictures of all my Dreads together! I said I was going to put this up on the other blog but I have been run off my feet lately (finally got paid, went into wrong account, yada yada yada) as it approaches the holiday break. I've also received some very nice mini pictures from a reader which will be going up on the other blog and I will forward to BroLo for MDHD which is conspicuously absent this week. How rude. Anyway enjoy the dreadness kids!

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