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Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Battle Bunker Crash: Zero Comp tourney in Melbourne

I got an e-mail yesterday asking for some help in spreading the word about a zero comp tourney down in Melbourne. So here's the spreading ^^. Information can be found relating to the tournament here will player pack info, location, points, sign-up, etc.

Some quick thoughts:
  • zero comp = good. Glad to see more people cottoning on
  • 1500 points is a bit low so hopefully plans to upgrade that as time wears on
  • 2 hours and 50 minutes is plenty of time for 1500 point games so players aren't rushed and full games should get played
  • swiss rounds is nice
  • good amount of prize support considering size which includes player choice for painting which is checklisted as well which is nice
  • W/L/D Battle Points which as we know I'm not a fan of
  • no missions yet posted; this is a big doozy IMO as I decide on tournaments based upon their missions and how bad they are. There are a couple of tournaments I'm refusing to go to locally because the missions are so bad and potential player's need to be given this information before they hand over their money
Anyway some good points and bad points as with most tournaments but the main selling point is lack of comp in Australia which is very nice. I wish BBC '11 all the best and hope their tournament is an enjoyable success!

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