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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dark Angels Errata: Deathwing REBORN!

Okay, so I'm a little excited. I'm sure pink bits will jump in the next day or so and do a proper write up, but I'm gonna talk about what makes me happy in the pants.


THIS is what im talking about. Black Templar and Deathwing lovers rejoice.

Deathwing are pretty much my favourite army in the entirety of the 40k fluff universe. A secretive organisation that hunts their own "Fallen" chapter brethren, the whole premise of the Deathwing is circles upon circles of mystery and intrigue. That shit, is awesome.

This FAQ firmly brings Deathwing into the 5th ed tourney scene. Whys that? They fixed the two glaring issues with the DA codex regarding to Deathwing - Stormshields and Cyclone Missile launchers. You heard me.

Stormshields are now a 3++. It's the new black Yeah, thats awesome. CML's are now the same as every other codex, meaning that DW squads now have RELIABLE suppression to open up vehicles with. And the best part? YOU CAN COMBINE THE TWO IN THE SAME GODDAMNED SQUAD.

This is a good thing. In case you hadn't noticed.

Using AB (which may/may not be right, but you get the idea, as my codex is being borrowed at the moment) I've come up with a few lists.

Belial, Sword/ Stormbolter
Deathwing Squad, 4 x TH/SS, Apothecary and standard, 1 x CML termy
5 x Deathwing squads with 4 x TH/SS, 1 x CML termy
3 x Dreads with TL Autocannon/DCCW

1970 pts

Compact, and hotdamned nasty. A veritable shitton of suppresion fire, so those tasty tasty TH/SS termies can get up close and personal, and plenty of pain to dish out when they get there. Belial can have any weapons you choose, he is there to unlock the troops option, so I'd probably take him with TH/SS and put him in the FNP squad, which will DEFINITELY be deployed on your DW Assault.

I'm going to take a closer look at this over the next few days, and -probably- order a few boxes of DW termies. Yeah, im THAT excited.

Get out your cloaks and robes my friends, the Deathwing are coming!

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