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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dark Eldar FAQ

In the excitement of making Dark Angels and Black Templars relevant again (read: incoming posts on this!) a lot of us missed the fact Dark Eldar got an FAQ. Let's check it out!

Baron's +1 roll was made clear for anyone who was being picky. Webway Portal droppage has been clarified to ensure you don't block yourself with enemy models and importantly the Torment Grenade Launcher was clarified to passing an Ld check rather than a morale check (though not a huge thing there really).

Importantly Duke doesn't have to have Warriors or Trueborn to be in the army and if he is, he is deployed as a normal IC. This is nice in not having to take a squad to babysit him but probably not huge as most lists the Duke will benefit will have one or the other. Some clarifications on Power from Pain (no Beasts don't get it; yes Beastmasters do) and how mixed units work, etc. and Aethersails are basically 'moving flat out' in terms of disembarking. Void Raven has also become a wee bit better as the mine is used during the movement phase but still quite pricey compared to its counterparts.

What wasn't addressed...rolling doubles on combat drugs with Duke, looks like you're stuck with that roll. Duke's deep-strike being better than retro-fire jets (i.e. take Duke, not retro-fire jets). And that's all I can think of *ponders*...

Anyway, a nice and succient FAQ which didn't have anything damaging in it. You go GW, you did a Xenos FAQ without screwing it over and you're (hopefully) releasing all of the models within a short time-span after the codex release. You have pleased your fan base very well. Now to make them estatic. Fix the Tyranid FAQ and errata the prices on other books!

Any other gems people have picked up on?

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