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Friday, January 14, 2011

New 40k FAQs: Including Black Templars and Dark Angels

Ya, GW updated their stuff. Again. Quick run-down:

pg 9 has been clarified. Turn = player turn.
p46 still stands with tank shocks and falling back. you auto-fail.

And then the huge doozy guys. BT and DA have been updated. Like actually updated. As in, your wargear is the same as SMs. 2 years later.

It looks like BA may have been updated as well but haven't gone through the nitty gritty of it yet. So let's praise something, hope Jervis has been fired and hope GW keeps this up in terms of keeping their rules up to date. I mean, maybe they'll change the Nid FAQ?

FAQ page is here.

Edit: it appears these were done in December but not put up until now according to the GW website...

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