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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Email, err, post in: 1500 Battlewagons

Dang. I must be a dork cuz I can't find where to email ya'll. I know it's semi off topic, but I figure I'd post this list here.
Anyways, what do you think of this list? I have all the models except for the second Battlewagon. I was thinking of picking up a second Battlewagon. You think it's worth it?

1500 Orks Mechanized
2 x Big Mek with Kustom Force Field
4 x 11 Boyz with Power Klaw Nob in Trukk
11 Boyz in Battlewagon with Killkannon and Big Shoota
11 Burna Boyz in Battlewagon with Killkannon and Big Shoota
12 Lootas

I'm thinking about getting some Grot Tanks and using them as buggies as I move to 1750, 1850 and 2000. Bikes would also be good too, I think.

Reynor Padilla ·

Well it looks like a solid list. When I read the "I will send you a list about battlewagons" I expected to see something like:
Warboss, KFF Mek, 2 Nob-stars in Wagons, 40 boys in HS Wagons

However, looking at this list I would suggest making a few changes, I think.
It's a solidish list, with lots of targets and lots of killy @ 1500 points, but some of it might be a little redundant.

To Army Builder!

Well, first I would lose one of the Meks. At 1500, thats a lot of points for exactly 0 killy. I would also lose the Killkannons for Deffrollas and play a much more offensive game.

So let's assume you are happy to change out the Killkannons for Deffrollas....
We start with the basics.

Big Mek, KFF
2 are great for 1750+, but for 85 points I can get 2 Rokkit buggies which are much more offensive rather than defensive @ 1500.
6 Lootas
6 Lootas
We split the 12 into 2 x 6 for better target saturation. Not sure if this is how you do run them, but it's how you should.
8 Burnas
11 is too many, nothing should survive 8 flame templates, and those 45 points buy us some cool stuff below
11 boyz + PK Nob, Trukk
11 boyz + PK Nob, Trukk
11 boyz + PK Nob, Trukk
11 boyz + PK Nob, Trukk
19 boyz + PK Nob 
The 20 boyz conveniently fits in a Battlewagon. Coincidence, no?
Fast Attack
Grot tanks!
2 Rokkit Buggies
2 Rokkit Buggies
Heavy Support
Battlewagon, Deffrolla, Armour Plates, Big shoota
Battlewagon, Deffrolla, Armour Plates, Big shoota
This is about as cheap as you can go for 'rolla wagons. You can ditch the Plates but they will keep you moving, and as you dont care about shooting anyway, offensive.

This is what I would try to be working towards for 1500 based on your list and wants. You could cut 2 Trukk squads for another 20 boyz + BW Squad later on, and you will find its very, very nasty.

So in summary: Yes get another Battlewagon, but splash out for the upgrade sprue while you are there. It's required use for a Battlewagon, unfortunately.

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