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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Email in: 1000pts Dark Eldar

"Hi Kirby & Co

I emailed before about a Salamander list and got some good advice. That project is going well (only a few blasted tanks to paint!) and the planning of the next one looms. With their recent re-release I was thinking about revisiting Dark Eldar which I played in 3rd and 4th ed. I want to make it 'Kabal of the Poison Tongue' themed meaning that I'll use Lady Malys as a HQ choice. It is mostly a fun list but at the same time I want to hit hard and hit fast.

Anyway the list I was thinking of follows (1000pts only) but is 170 pts short as it lacks an accompanying unit/bodyguard for Maly herself. (Although I've already included the cost of the venom transport. Essentially I have 170 pts to buy up to 4 models to accompany her and they'll sit in a venom. I could change it to a raider but it would stick out like a sore thumb and I feel that the venom is better bang for buck (12 shots, 5++) and it keeps in line with the small elite army. I have toyed between 4 incubi, 3 incubi and an archon w/huskblade, 3 incubi and a haemonculus (who stays in the venom when malys + incubi disembark avec pain token to fly and liquify things) Another option was trueborn with pistols and ccws, the dracon having a power weapon. I think that the 3 incubi and Archon are the best option (although I could change the gear on the archon to an agoniser and shadowfield for example)

If Mayls does suck epically though I might just use a regular 'sub' archon of the Poisoned Tongue in which case I have 300 pts to buy a hq+bodyguard. Any thoughts or ideas in regards a 5 model HQ/Bodyguard setup with/without Malys for 170/300 points?

Kindest regards,
Joe R



Venom - 2 SC65

5 Warriors45
Venom - 2 SC65

5 Warriors45
Venom - 2 SC65

5 Wyches50
Hekatrix + Agon30
Venom - 2 SC65



What Malys does really well is provide mobility to otherwise immobile units upon deployment. This means foot troops with Dark Lances like Trueborn, Scourges, Warriors, etc. She's also pretty decent in cc and particularly at 1000 will give a nice counter-attack option.

With this in mind I'd simply get two squads of Trueborn with two Dark Lances. This ups your anti-tank ability, let's you buy the Venom which can solo carry Malys if you wish and they will always start in a good firing position. The obvious issue here is they are very weak and easily torrented off the board. You could save points by turning the Wyches into a Warrior squad and buy more bodies for the Trueborn (I'd do this) as small Wych squads aren't so useful. They don't have much hitting power even with an Agoniser and aren't a great tarpit with only so many bodies.

With this in mind you've got 48 poisoned shots from the Venoms + the Warriors backed up by 3 blasters and 10 lances so pretty good across the board coverage at 1000 points.

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