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Friday, January 14, 2011

Email in: 2k sanguinary Guard Army Feedback

"Hey Kirby

Got into your site via Mr Taak after he mentioned it via another forum he frequents (the filthy Oz tart he is!) Good to know he's good for something =D!. I've know about Yes the... and find the man, intolerable. I would say another word but I doubt you would reply to this email, or deem it worthy enough to be posted on your site. Though here is a clue: it would rhyme with Bunt...

Anyway. I have read through some of your articles on the Blood Angels, namely the Sanguinary Guard and the lists involving them. The models have always appealed to me and I'm fond of small elite armies (currently doing up a Deathwing army as I type this).

For my 2K list I came up with the following:

Librarian - Jump pack, hand flamer, Blood lance and Shield

Sanguinary Guard - PFist, 2x infernous pistol
Sanguinary Guard - PFist, 2x infernous pistol
Sanguinary Guard - PFist, 2x infernous pistol

Sanguinary Priest x 2 - Jump packs
Sanguinary Priest

Vanguard Vets - Jump Packs, glaive & storm sheild, Pfist, LC and storm sheild

Devastator Squad - 4x Missile Launcher
Devastator Squad - 4x Missile Launcher
Storm Raven - Multi Meltas, Lasscannons, Extra Armour

The idea is as follows: Dante would join one Sanguinary squad, the lib another and the two priest with jump packs would join both of these squads as well. The Devs would sit back and be on anti tank duty with the one remaining priest guarding the squad who I think to be in the worst/best position to take more enemy fire than the other.

The storm raven is another pure anti mech unity with extra armour to make it a bit more durable and also allow either the remaining Sanguinary squad to leap out or the Vanguard vets. I aim to make this as in your face as possible whilst retaining the elements the army I like.

What do you think?

Also if you have a sec do you have any advice on how to do a 2K Deathwing army? I've got 2k of them here and find I can only beat my opposition into a draw if I'm lucky. Often they just sit back and blow me to kingdom come. I have around 30 termies with varying armaments at the moment. So any advice on how to do a 2K - 2.5k Deathwing army would be appreciated. I'm not adverse to adding in Ravenwing and the like either FYI.

Any and all advice would be awesome.


The biggest issue with the list Sean is the Stormraven. One tank, even a survivable one like the Stormraven, isn't going to survive too well and isn't going to be worth the points you've invested into it. It's too easy to target by your opponent's army and doesn't have enough hitting power from one turn of shooting. If we drop that we free up quite a few points and can fix the other issue your list suffers from being a bit light on troops. 15 FNP/2+ save infantry are tough but not exactly scary so with the 200+ points we've saved from the Stormraven we'll add in another SG squad.

Now you get to a crossroads. 8x Missiles + the infernous pistols aren't really good to be enough to drop armies. It will do decently but a couple unlucky rolls can see you in trouble but at the same time the only place to shave points are the Libby and VV which obviously both add to your army very well. If you want to run the list as is, you should be okay but it's not top-notch. Otherwise I would recommend dropping the VV and replacing them with a small Dev squad with missiles and an Honor Guard squad with some meltaguns (Dante goes here for accurate DS, melta and FNP/FC bubble). Doing some quick points you don't really have enough to make this work so rather thang grabbing the 3rd Dev squad we will turn it into a Scout squad w/ML and cloaks. This is 30 points cheaper and only gets you 1 ML but it's scoring and has 3+ cover which is nice. Drop a couple infernous pistols from the SG then and put 3-4 meltaguns and flamers on the Honor Guard. This is a more balanced list but you lose the reserve goodness of VV.

With regards to the Deathwing, there really is no good build for it. DA can do pure bikes kinda of okay but the lack of good rock units (i.e. 3++ terminators) leaves them lacking. Atm taking as many apoths as possible and using terrain is your best bet but you don't really have the killing power to win games. Your best bet would be to use the Space Wolves book as a counts-as and use Wolf Guard + Logan to create a Terminator army which you can get some access to better weapons.

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