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Friday, January 14, 2011

Email in: Help with Space Wolves

"I'm trying to pull an army together for Adepticon's 1850 point tourney. I'll probably play it in some local tournies which tend to be around the same point level (1750 or 1850). I'd like a hard 1850pt list, but not an obvious net-build, and I'm willing to sacrifice a little effeciency because I like something. I expect to have at least one scenario with some quirkly deployment rules, so I'm hesitant to invest heavily in Long Fangs - if they have to reserve, they're pretty lousy. Here's what I'm kicking around:

Rune Priest, LL, SC - 100 pts
Grey Hunters, 7, meltagun, rhino - 145 pts
Grey Hunters, 7, meltagun, rhino - 145 pts
Grey Hunters, 5, flamer, lasplas RB - 150 pts
Grey Hunters, 5, flamer, lasplas RB - 150 pts
Speeders, 2 MM/HF - 140 pts
Long Fangs, 5, 4 ML, rhino - 150 pts
2x Predator Destructor - 170 pts

Subtotal - 1150 pts

Leaves 700 pts to finish. I'd like to avoid TWC and fen-wolves, since there aren't models out and I'm guessing/hoping to see a release soon.

I'm thinking of taking 2 Wolfguard units. Take a 10-man unit, splitting off pack leaders to the GH and LF, leaving 2x CML and 3 bodies, and a second squad of 5 with 1x CML. That helps supplement the loss of the Long Fangs. Is this a horrible idea, or reasonable? Do I bling out the WG squads, all with TDA, combi-weapons, SS, etc. Or take 1 or 2 guys with TDA and CML and the rest in power-armor (maybe with a PF or pair of combi-meltas thrown in). Any help is appreciated.


Without running Long Fangs or TWC/Fen Wolves your best bet is to actually look at a Vanilla list. You can essentially do something very similar to what you are asking but running Terminators w/CML. These guys obviously can't spread out and your MSU squads are a little bit worse, but you've got a big squad which is quite decent in assault (the Terminators) and a lot of good rate of fire from Rifledreads and Dakka Preds. You can then supplement this with either LasPlas Tactical squads or flamer/MM/Rhino Tactical squads (or a mix of both). You could also run a Dread heavy list with MotF and the Terminators combined.

If you were really looking to do this with Space Wolves the idea of grabbing some Wolf Guard is a good one but make sure to grab a WGBL with the Stealth saga. This then gives your guys a 3+/3+* save and if you equip a couple with stormshields, you will essentially always have a 3+ to roll. Grab some CMLs (2), stormbolters, some Terminator armor on a couple models, combi weapons and you can make a 6-7 strong squad around 250 points that is a very, very solid anchor to your army. The extra couple of Wolf Guard go into your GH squads to give them double melta and Ld9. From there add in some Dreadnoughts and more speeders.

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