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Friday, January 14, 2011

New Blog: Best Overall

Another new blog you say? Well this one is Purgatus' and we all kinda like him right? Anyway his blog can be found here: Best Overall and the lucky bugger has already been added to my links and blogroll. I do hope my cheque arrives in the mail soon...

Anyway, Purgatus has decided to create his own blog in conjunction with some of his own postings on YTTH since he's been posting so significantly lately. I wish him the best of luck as 'one of the competitive hobbyists' in the blogging world and look forward to his unfolding experiences with Tyranids which he is starting to work on in the Northwest of America (I think?).

So everyone go have a visit, give him so thoughts (i.e. get rid of the flame background! haha) and hopefully another successful 40k blog with good advice can be established :). He's already using Intense Debate which is a good move! haha

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