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Thursday, January 20, 2011

New 40k Models: Furioso Dreadnought & Stormraven

I'm sure you've all heard by now, Games Workshop is releasing some new minis. The biggest of these are the Blood Angels second wave which includes the Stormraven and a new plastic Furioso Dreadnought kit. I must say, I like the Stormraven a lot better this time around where we can actually get to see some more angels. I still think it looks a bit bulky at the front but it doesn't look like ass. Also released in this wave are the classic models of Marneus Calagar and Njal Stormcaller as well as a Blood Angels battleforce (good to see these coming back), Bjorn the Fell-Hounded and Ultramarines Honor Guard. The Battleforce contents confuse me slightly in what it brings to the table (Tactical squad? for BA? and not a Razorback?) but if you can acquire/convert/make a Razorback turrent and some Jump Packs that gives you a very solid and varried core of 20 ASM/Jumpers and a Rhino/Razorback. Not bad.

The plastic Furioso also looks quite nice with multiple options and might be a good pick-up for normal Marine players just to get some different Dreadnought torsos (we all make our TLAC arms anyway, right?). I'm a bit disappointed with the Force Weapon for the Libby Dread and no awesome plastic wings! I was expecting this sick ass halbred twice as tall as marine, not some short of Dreadnought shiv lol. Anyway, I'm sure people will still be able to convert those and it's nice that GW actually gave the option.

The Stormraven supposedly comes with every option available to it and from the pictures I can indeed see MM, PC, AC, LC, hurrican bolters and bloodstrike missiles. Sign me up for a model with everything in the bloody rules. Will ASM now come with 2x meltaguns? Please!? Anyway here's hoping GW comes out with some new kits soon such as Tervigons, T-Fexes, Harpies, Thunderwolf Cavalry, etc. before the new DE stuff so we can have complete armies moving into 2011. Enjoy the pictures (from Games Workshop) and giggle at these army lists!

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