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Friday, January 7, 2011

What Warhammer 40,000 armies do you play? Poll results

So after two weeks we've got our latest poll results in. Another recording breaking poll with nearly 700 (684 to be exact) votes in. Impressive for one who likes to keep track of these things (i.e. me...). Anyway let's take a look at see if we notice any trends! Here everything is in order of highest percentage played and you can check the picture below for those who like visual aids.

  • Space Marines (30%)
  • Blood Angels (22%)
  • Tyranids (21%)
  • Chaos Space Marines (20%)
  • Space Wolves (19%)
  • Tau (19%)
  • Eldar (18%)
  • Imperial Guard (18%)
  • Dark Eldar (16%)
  • Orks (13%)
  • Daemonhunters (8%)
  • Necrons (8%)
  • Chaos Daemons (8%)
  • Black Templars (8%)
  • Witchunters (7%)
  • Dark Angels (4%)

So an interesting mix of both good, bad, old and new armies as being the most played including some 'uncommon' armies like Tau. This is probably related to a large amount of Tau articles on this site compared to other sites on the web (and also having a positive outlook on them) but interesting to see armies like CSM, Vanilla Marines and Tyranids all sit above IG and SW in terms of play when a lot of people think those books aren't as good comparatively. Still four of the top 5 armies are MEQ based so we can consider that understanding to still be in full swing...yay.

Not too surprisingly some of the oldest and least competitive armies were in the bottom with very low percentages of players using them. Armies like Daemons, DA/BT, Necrons and Daemonhunters are all less than optimal armies which badly need updates but Witchunters were also stuck there which I guess is a testament to how expensive Immo spam really is ^^.

Anyway just a little bit of fun with the poll. Thoughts by anyone else? Anything really surprised anyone?

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