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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Email in: Dark Eldar list, and law student 40k blog to introduce

"Hi Kirby, or Will if you prefer,

I'm Bryce, live in Texas, and am in law school, my gaming buddy Jack and I have started a blog Just our gaming in middle of nowhere Texas between studying. Mostly just putting things up and being an incentive/ reward for making us take the time to relax and paint or get a game in.

Alright now to the list, Baron and a shit load of Hellions, damn that sounds like fun. With hopefully enough anti tank to give me a chance. All test games have been total slaughter on my part, though my other army is hero heavy space wolves, so I hope just an adjustment period. Also they have been only 1000 points, we just did our first battle report this evening.

Baron-led Dark Eldar with Hellions is a fine list but you do need to shore up your anti-tank around them as they carry diddly squat. They can provide a fair amount of medium strength hits in combat when they get Furious Charge and +1 Strength combat drug but otherwise are really anti-infantry specialits.

The haemonculi go one with the large objective squad, and the other with either the bloodbrides or incubi. I would love to get in some liquifier guns, they are just too much fun, but I am not too sure where to trim points.

Ooo not sure about Hellions, Incubi and Bloodbrides. That's a lot of points sunk into units who don't really have reliable anti-tank options. We'll see what you do with the list but I'd steer away from rainbowing your choices like that.

Another secondary topic would be blast pistols, I don't recall much discussion on your dark eldar posts, though I keep finding ones I've not read. There were several times I wish in the test list on the blog, that I had some to help pop dreads.

If you've got a small Warrior squad they are really helpful. They are expensive (25 points with upgrade) but essentially double your chances to pop a tank in the right situation. At the same time they are the first to go if you need to shave points.

Thanks for checking this out, love the blog,


105 Baron
100 2x haemonculi

265 9 bloodbrides, syren , agonizer, 2 shard nets 20, 1 hydra gauntlet, haywires , raider Flicker Field
180 5 incubi, raider Flicker Field

335 20 hellions , Helliarch , stunclaw
195 10 warriors , sybarite, blaster, splinter cannon, raider Flicker Field
195 10 warriors , sybarite, blaster, splinter cannon, raider Flicker Field
225 20 warriors sybarite, blaster, 2 splinter cannons

Heavy Support
125 Ravager Night Shield Flicker Field
125 Ravager Night Shield Flicker Field"

My intial thoughts on the combat units are correct; there's way too many points into those units and whilst they are combat units they are each different at better things. Bloodbrides are more expensive tarpits over Wyches with a couple extra attacks to be better against hordes, Incubi are beater units to smack around elite units and Hellions are mobile anti-infantry both in shooting and combat. Since you're taking the Baron I'd simply drop the Bloodbrides. A small Incubi squad has nice potential but let's see how our points go.

The Hellion squad is too large. It's going to be hard to move around effectively. I think the biggest size you should run them at is 15 but 12-13 is pretty good as well. This is the Baron unit and I'd run 2-3 other Hellion units around them to give you a mobile core which can disrupt your opponent and deal with infantry. This means the rest of your list really needs to focus on dealing with tanks which the rest of your Troops don't really do. That's a lot of posioned shots that really aren't needed. You want to maximise your anti-tank so that means MSU Warriors in Venoms w/pistol/blaster or 10x Warriors w/Lance in Raider. From there we want to take the Ravagers to three strong and see if we can add in some Reavers with heat lances. Let's see what we can put together:

2x3x Trueborn w/3x Blaster, Venom w/double cannon
13x Hellions
2x7x Hellions
3x5x Warriors w/Blaster, Venom w/double cannon
2x6x Reavers w/2x heat lance
3x Ravagers

Totals: 1831 points
8 vehicles
61 infantry

So here we've compressed our combat to the Hellions and upped our anti-tank a lot across the board. There are no upgrades on the Hellions so dropping 1 more the large squad can get an upgrade character for them all. The Trueborn can run around as Incubi instead but then you're really light on anti-tank. Overall the army is very fast and very mobile. The ravagers are bare so need to use the Venoms to gain cover for themselves. It's a bit of a list change but taking a large squad of Hellions, bloodbrides and MSU Incubi isn't really going to be too fantastic as discussed before and taking smaller squads of Hellions to support the larger squad is really important. This measn the opponent has more targets to deal with and the Baron can change squads if his original squad gets too small. The main issue is we have no Haemonculus to give the large squad FNP right off the bat. We could change the Reavers to Scourges or change the three MSU Warrior squads to 2x10x w/Dark lance and Raider to shave some points and include one.

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