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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Archnomad's Podcast Greenlit.

So, wonderful people of 3++, Kirbio has greenlit me doing a weekly podcast. Now, this article's here to discuss a few things. First off, it needs a name. Kirby's suggestion was... awful, and I'm not going to even repeat it here. So if you fancy yourself witty, go for it.

Second is the topic. As it's me, it's going to be tactics. Tactics for what, I'm not sure. It'll probably be a look at good tactics, commonly used bad ones, keeping your eyes on the prize (guilty of not doing this) and suchlike. Y'know, tactics. Strategies. However, I would like an indicator as to what level. 3++ is usually pretty basic, and personally I'd like to go far more in depth, but hey, it's for you guys to decide (mostly).

Also of note, MWC has offered to take part in this with me, and do a bit of fluff banter with me at the end. Hopefully, if he's still game, we'll think of some really cool scenarios, stories, what ifs and whatnot, and discuss them. I'd also like a name for this little tidbit as well, if at all possible. Fluff corner? Bah, sounds tacky. But anyway, this should hopefully be some pretty interesting stuff. "The Star Child disproved", "Is Cegorach the Deceiver", "Who was Sebastian Thor?". They're just a few things off the tod. We could also do stuff like "How cool is Eisenhorn?". Whatever, you know.

Now, that might seem tacked on, and if it ends up totally developing, it may well become it's own thing. Whatever, I'm totally open to suggestions at the moment, so you guys go crazy with suggestions (please!).

Two more things. A script. Do you want it scripted? If it's scripted, the main advantage is I can put the script up and you guys with no access to audio can read it. Only thing is this kind of defeats the purpose of it being a podcast.

Second, a video. This is something I wouldn't personally be able to do, but if there's someone who loves 3++ enough to make a weekly video, hey, sure, go for it.

Thanks folks.

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