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Sunday, March 6, 2011


Hi lads and ladies.
Overall, the event has been great, and people are enjoying themselves.

Well, except for SneakyDan who rocked up this morning at 9.00AM after getting home at 4.00AM from a big night on the town :)

Kirby vs Archnomad deployment

Anyway, the critical information you want to know:
How are our intrepid adventurers going!?

The Top 3 are
Loriness - Tyranids
BohicaBob - Tyranids
Archnomad - Orks
Take that internets!
The 4th player, who is 2/1 who went through lost to Loriness in the last game (but stil has the highest BP total)
J.McGowan - Blood Angels

The 4th round top tables are:
Loriness vs Archnomad
BohicBob vs J.McGowan

Our other fellows:
Vinsanity is 2/1 playing SneakyDan 2/1
ComradeCowboy is 1/2 and learning that he fails at 40k :)
Kirby 2/1 is playing IRON FATHER 2/1

So the moral of the story is that Kirby lost to Orks.
The important part of this is that the game was an eye opener to all who watched. They both knew exactly what to do, what the other was capable of, and it was just amazing.
As an observer (who obviously wanted Orks to win!), I learnt a great deal about the army and how to play it - aka not like an Ork.

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