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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Email in: Thunderwolves HO!

"Hey Kirby! Long time lurker, first time writer. The blog has been extremely helpful in improving my game and getting my hobby fix while I’m off at school. I was hoping you could take a look at a list for me. It’s a themed one, but I nevertheless wonder how well it would work. See, you’ve tackled TWC before, but all of your lists seem to sort of throw in a 3-man squad or two. I wanted to try a TRUE Thunderwolf Cavalry list, which puts them in every place imaginable in as much force as possible.

TW Mount
Fenrisian Wolves x2

TW Mount
Fenrisian Wolves x2

TW Mount
Wolf Claws x2
Fenrisian Wolf x1

TW Mount
Storm Shield
Fenrisian Wolves x2

3x Iron Priests—155
TW Mount
Cyberwolves 4x

2x Grey Hunters—190
X10 w/Meltagunx2

Fast Attack
3x Thunderwolf Cavalry!—365 each
1 Pfist
2 Pfist/SS
3 Pfist/Meltabomb
4 Meltabomb
5 Nadda (not enough points…)

Problems I foresee:
Anti-tank is an issue, no denying it. Relying on close combat to take down tanks is problematic, but hopefully I’ve thrown in enough S10 hits to take care of it. Melta is sparse, but present. Which brings up the other problem: lack of troops. A savvy opponent will blow my two AV 11 hulls off the table and wipe away those ten-marine squads. The iron priests seem a little thrown in, but they fit the theme very well, and give me more Thunderwolves. Anyway, thoughts? Comments and criticisms appreciated!


Three PFists on the TWC squads is illegal (thank you commentors!). Dropping those down to a single PFist will save a bunch of points and make the unit legal. From there you can fiddle with wargear to get uniques as you wish. From there we really need more Grey Hunters. You probably won't generate enough points for another GH squad just by dropping those PFists so look to drop one of the Wolf Guard Battle Leaders and grab two squads if possible. Don't worry about Rhinos. I would also highly recommend replacing one of the Iron Priests with a Wolf Guard squad so they have Ld9. I know this is cutting down on your Thunderwolf count but it gives you much better scoring, more melta, more bodies (which are reliable thanks to Ld9) and makes the list overall better whilst keeping a theme. Oh, and get Wolf Tooth Necklaces on the Iron Priests. In the end it's a decent list which has a huge weakness in no ranged fire support but is certainly workable and isn't going to simply roll over to any old list.

Now, if you wanted to make this list truly competitive cut down the HQs to a single WGBL. Do the same as recommended above and then grab as many Long Fangs as possible. This means your army actually has some suppression whilst it is moving across the field and not everything has to be killed in combat (very important against lists with layered bubble-wrap since you have minimal shooting and no tanks). You might have to make the Thunderwolve squads four strong for this though but still leaves you with around 20 thunderwolf models or look at dropping the Iron Priests.

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