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Monday, March 21, 2011

Grey Knight List Build - Mordrak, and Singularity.

Singularity - a hypothetical point in space-time at which matter is infinitely compressed to infinitesimal volume. For us, its the application of force to a single point in your opponent's battle line, to try and smash that line.

Word is fairly heavy, that is to say something like that must have some meaning. I'm using it to create a concept, something that I hope is competitive, while using some of the GK units that others are happy to consign to "Kantorism", or the 9th plain of bad list hell. For us, its the application of force to a single point in your opponents battle line, to try and smash that line.

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, that I'm going to roll into a series of posts about GK list building, and what I've been running through in my mind.

My take on the GK codex - balanced. At first blush, its got lots of good, solid options, in multiple slots, akin to the Dark Eldar Codex before it. They are not all great, but all are in at least some shape or form, viable. Today, I'm going to focus on a character that we all thought was going to be the new Loganwing (Knightwing?) staple- Mordrak, the Haunted Knight.

Mordrak is a GM, that is to say he has Grand Strategy, which to my mind, is one of the most useful tournament abilities in our game. Being able to improve your mobility, change reserve locations and especially create scoring units is a great boon for an all comers list, as it allows you to tailor your force game to game, to some degree. Mordrak comes with a master crafted Hammer, armour, and the usual trimmings. He also brings a retinue of Ghost Knights - Terminators with no psycannon option, but inherent Stealth. His last ability, and the focus of this list, is his First to the Fray ability - He arrives first turn, with the unit he is in, via deep strike, and does not scatter.

I know, we all hoped for deepstriking psycannon stealth knights, which would have been grand, but this is not the case. As it stands, Mordrak is an upgrade for his unit, and is treated as an upgrade character. Therefore other IC's can join this unit. So on your first turn of the game, you have Mordrak, some terminators, and a librarian porting in with pinpoint accuracy.

To what advantage, one might ask? Everyone is in love with the first turn Jump DK/Interceptor Charge. Yes, it is good. Yes, they hit hard. The strategy has an inherent flaw though - infiltraitors/bubble wrap used to prevent your bignastys from landing in combat either quickly, or with something of value. ( Remember skulls will block infiltrators, but infiltrators WILL block your shunt move. ) Good players will use this against you, and then work on your fire support after the immediate threat is eliminated. I'm going with a different tack - You multiply the immediate threat, and make the ranged targets less appealing.

So we have our HQ's, Mordrak, 5 Ghost Knights (couple of hammers, probably, for some CC smashing, although Mord's himself has one), and a Librarian. Librarian powers are Sanctuary, Summoning, and might, as a minimum - I'd also use warp rift, and definitely a couple of servo skulls.

Next comes our elites choices. Purifiers, as always, are an excellent choice, they bring together solid CC ability, a neat psychic attack, and 2 special weapons choices. However, for this list, I'm trying to focus more on the lesser used units of the GK codex - we are going to roll with paladins. 2 Master Crafted Psycannons, porting in and firing 8 shots, plus storm bolter fire, is enough to give anything a headache, especially with well placed porting. I'd like two units of these, but we will see what points allow us.

Troops are simple - 2 squads of 10 GK Terminators, MC Hammer, 2 psycannons, melee weapons to flavour.

Heavy Support again is self explanatory in the strictures of the list - 2 Dreadknights, Personal Porters with heavy incinerators, and DCCW's (if your TO rules that these don't work, because he is dumb, we might have points for hammers.).

So list would be something like this

Mordrak, +4 Ghost Knights, Brotherhood banner.
Libby, Summoning/Sanctuary/Shrouding/Might of Titan, 2 skulls
5 Paladins, 2 Cannons MC'd, 4 mixed MC CC weapons
5 GKT, 1 Cannon, MC Hammer
10 GKT, 2 Cannons, MC Hammer
2 Dreadknights, Personal Teleporters


The MC melee weapons on the pallies exist because I had 20 spare points. You could also spend them on things like warp rift, or other powers, if you so chose.

So basically, first or second is irrelevant - you deploy your Paladins, and Dreadknights, in a well protected (preferably out of LoS area). Scout move your DK's into a solid position, and wait for first turn. Mordrak and friends arrive, and you use a skull near your librarian (because you deployed him within 12" of a skull, right?) and you summon your required unit to within 6". Your choice here is based on opponent - your paladins are the first option, but obviously vs a more template heavy army, cc terminators might be more advantageous with their run move. On your opponents first shooting phase, they should have to deal with 2 x MC's, 1 x Command Hammer squad of ghostly awesome, and 1 other 2+/5++ unit with stealth (if required - yay shrouding) very close to their lines. All the while, your remaining units are tromping down field (one of which may even have scouted, thanks to GM) unloading 4 Psycannon shots a turn into vehicular threats, looking for a stunned result.

So that's my Singularity Bubble Idea. The application of all your force, to a single point in the opponents lines.

I'm trying to work outside the Purifier/Inq's.

Thanks for reading


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