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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Interesting Things in the GK Codex

Been browsing the Grey Knights book over the past couple days (in between moving, etc); here are a few interesting little oddities that I've come across that someone doing more extensive testing/analysis might find a use for. Undoubtedly most of them are pretty non-good, but maybe one or two?

-Stormravens can get Psybolt Ammunition. They can also get a TLHB (a reason to take it!), a TLAssCan, and two Hurricane Bolters. And they move 6" and shoot them all. That's up to twelve S5, three S6, and four S7 Rending hits, all of them BS4 twin-linked. Oh, and you can throw the missiles in as well if you want (they're defensive weapons.) So yeah, maybe the GK Stormraven has a place as a gunboat. Having it in the FA slot means you can have it carry a Psyfleman if you want, too...

-Been pointed out before, but Mordrak's unit always arrives first turn. If you can find some ICs you wanna cram onto his squad, this could be handy. Another GK dude would be kinda pricey, but if you're doing a reserve list, an Inquisitor with Communion can be reasonably cheap. (Note that you'll need to give him Terminator armor so he can DS with the squad.)

-Rad Grenades and Psychotroke Grenades on Grand Masters are ridiculous.

-The Librarian's Teleport Homer only works on squads teleporting in from Deep Strike (Strike Squads, Terminators, Interceptors.) It doesn't work with The Summoning, etc, unless they FAQ it; likewise the Stormraven's Homer.

-Ordo Malleus Inquisitors can get Incinerators and Hellrifles (in addition to the usual melee stuff and Combi-weapons), making them the shootiest of the Inquisitors. They're also the only ones with access to Terminator armor, which unlocks a Psycannon.

-Ordo Hereticus gets the Inferno Pistol, which is kinda fancy. Psyocculum could be amusing if they hang with a squad full of Storm Bolters/etc, as making the whole squad BS10 is nice.

-Ordo Xenos get fancy grenades, but are otherwise unimpressive. I guess if you want to cram even more Conversion Beamers into a list? Hrm, Xenos + a bunch of Death-Cult Assassins diving out of a Stormraven? Probably not worth it, but you get a pretty dangerous payload for ~110pts or so...

-Techmarines get tons of fancy guns, but no Terminator armor so Relay and Conversion Beamer are less useful. Five Relays is a lot, though, and as ICs they can bring their fancy grenades or whatever to any squad. Ordo Xenos does it cheaper, though.

-Culexis is always going to be getting a lot of shots with his gun, the only question is if you can deliver him in order to use it; 12" range is pretty limiting.

-Servitors ignore Techmarines, lol. But a 10pt Multimelta is more than acceptable if your Inquisitor is going to be hanging with the squad. Put those bitches in a Chimera and go to town.

-Jokaero and Warrior Acolytes can both have Rending flamers if you roll the upgrade for them. Seems like monkey squads are going to be really random, but potentially awesome?

-Justicar Thawn lets his squad use two powers each turn. Does he make them Fearless? Stupid upgrade characters and lack of rules for them. :\

-Grey Knight Strike Squads are a fantastic value for what you get out of them; no other MEQ troop can even begin to stand up to them in a fight, and they will tear down MCs and even most dedicated assault troops as well. Justicars can't take Psycannons, stop doing that. Psybolt seems useful, but how often are you going to be on foot to use it?

-Halberd. Halberd halberd halberd. Halberd. The 'e' comes before the 'r' goddamn you.

-Interceptors are kinda too expensive to get heavy weapons on them. Maybe just aim for a rapid assault force?

-Purgation Squads are confused and don't realize they're supposed to be fire support, because they get cheap Incinerators and Nemesis weapons. Maybe as something to fall out of a Stormraven and cause problems?

-Psybolt Land Raider Crusaders? Maybe not as sexy as a Stormraven, but still a ridiculous gun platform. Obv you glue the Storm Bolter onto it as well. Summoning Land Raiders could be a lot of fun, except for that whole scattering thing. Damn, is there not a single Locator Beacon in the whole codex? Mystics, I guess. Your Libby may end up spending a lot of time hanging out with henchmen...

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