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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy Tournament...

"Dearest of pink Kirbatmen,

Ok, so here is my idea! I want to run a tournament around here, or at least get the ball rolling on one with other tournament organizers. I want to get any origional ideas you have heard, as well as get your opinion on the ideas that I have so far.

So, the basic premise is that you bring an army, any (legal) army that you want up to the alloted points amount (1500-1850, depending on who has what). You submit your list, and then all of the lists are put into a hat and you draw one out at random. Whatever list you get, that is what you play with! You obviously wouldn't play with your own, were it to come up. Other than that, it would be just like a regular tournament, with a few restrictions. Here are the ideas i have so far:

4 scoring troops minimum, 25 scoring bodies minimum
all chosen units must be able to enter play (no taking chaos spawn with no icons)
everything must be WYSIWYG (or comparable, for things like tervigons)
At the end, mark regular categories just like during a normal tournament. *This* part is where the real twist comes in- the winnings in a category are split between the person who won with the list, and the person who wrote the list. Now, would some hilarious matchups occur from this list? Absolutely. Will someone get stuck with the cybergrots list? Very possible.

It is meant to be refreshing, give you a chance to play something different, and still have fun. That said, it is still competitive by nature, although the randomness is to such a high degree that calling it anything but a hobby event would be madness.

God, this looks like something fester wrote. I might have to get myself checked out.

What do you think?


*blinks* I think it's a great fun idea assuming the lists aren't crap ^^. I wouldn't put any restrictions on the armies though as it just gimps certain armies whilst other armies would find it easier to do. Just keep it 2 Troops and 1 HQ. My biggest issue though would be I wouldn't want someone using my army if I wasn't there. Call me distrustful but I can just hear it now... "I don't know what happened it just...shattered into a thousand pieces." Being the one running the thing I wouldn't be surprised if you  had a lot of yelling and screaming.

Anyway, putting this out there to see what others think. I'm non-plussed and TBH probably wouldn't attend unless I knew most of the attendees.

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